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Thursday, March 30, 2023


UN vs Syria

The United Nation’s fight for humanity against the Syrian regime has created a warlike situation.

According to the Local Coordination Committee in Syria — a network of opposition activists — more than 680 people in Syria have died, most of them in Homs. The Syrian Arab News Agency recently reported that a funeral was held for 19 soldiers and officers who were killed by terrorists.

Syrian forces have been abusive and committed outrageous crimes against humanity since March 2011. The UN’s effort to bring humanitarian aid to Syria has created even more misunderstanding between the citizens and the government, resulting in Syrian violence last year.

According to Navanethem “Navi” Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, the attacks by military and security forces in Syria have destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures.

This outrage has created severe tension between Syria and the UN. How the Syrian army has reacted to the UN’s calls for peace is preposterous. Life in Syria has become a living hell because of the violence within the country.

The American League proposal for a joint UN-Arab peacekeeping force in the country has made the situation worse, says Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari.

“The vast losses in Syria among civilians and security forces are a deep wound,” Ja’afari said. “We are sad, but we place the responsibility for those losses at the door of those who are attempting to obtain political interests by using Syrian blood as currency.”

The ambassador cares for his country, and his wish to improve its situation and bring peace to the country is sincere. According to Syrian officials, the main cause for deaths are “armed terrorist groups.”

The situation in Syria is miserable, as are Syrians bearing effects of the attacks. As they could be killed at any time, their lives are filled with fear. Government forces indiscriminately bombed homes and attacked hospitals. The obliteration committed by al-Assad’s forces caused a humanitarian crisis. According to Martin Nesirky, spokesman for the UN secretary-general, the UN keeps beneficent supplies to provide to citizens of Syria, after access is granted.

Volunteers in Syrian Arab Red Crescent distributed food, blankets and other supplies to the people in Homs, said the International Committee of the Red Cross.

“We are increasing our funding to organizations like the Red Crescent (and) the International Committee for Red Cross, and we’re working directly with Syrian organizations at the grass roots to help families who have no electricity, food or clean water,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s deed, and several other organizations focused on helping Syrians, is going to help many citizens in times of despair. Clinton also promised aid the country’s wounded and dying.

According to Pillay, at least 5,400 people have died since the protests began almost a year ago and the death rate continues to increase.

Sanita Maya is an journalism senior and may be reached at [email protected]

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