Removing one soldier is only a start

President Barack Obama guaranteed on March 13 that a thorough investigation will take place about the bloody rampage by an American soldier.

Robert Bales, the accused staff sergeant for the US Army, is suspected of killing at least 16 Afghan civilians.

Obama said he was heartbroken because of the murder of civilians, and that he felt as if our own citizens or children have been murdered.

It is absurd how American soldiers could take lives of innocent people, considering the soldiers are in Afghanistan because of 9/11.

Although brutal terrorists murdered innocent Americans, that does not mean American soldiers should do the same.

Although the militants were fired on an Afghan delegation in the village, there is peace everywhere else.

However, the Afghans have started protesting the shooting.

The American soldiers have upset the president and created tragedy within the country.

Although the troops are always supposed to follow what the commander says, they committed a crime.

Obama has promised to Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, that he is going to get under the attack, wind down the war and bring the troops back to the United States.

“The administration already has withdrawn 10,000 troops from Afghanistan and plans (to return) 23,000 more by the end of the summer,” Obama said.

“Meanwhile, we will continue the work of devastating al-Qaeda’s leadership and denying them a safe haven.”

By bringing back the troops, half of the tension of Afghanistan would be over; the war will finally end.

America’s situation will get better as well.

US troops coming home will bring more international positivity for the country. If done correctly, it will bring peace back to the States and disperse conflict.

Obama has made positive changes before, such as ending the war in Iraq. The president is performing excellently under current conditions and his administration is finally supporting his decisions.

The administration is putting forth much effort in getting to the root of the problem.

Bales attorney expects him to be charged Thursday, but it has still not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Obama promised nothing like this will ever happen again. Afghans live in fear and our president is trying his best to make the situation better.

The president’s promise to find a solution is still a work in progress, but he will continue to work until he has completely ended the war.

Saniya Maya is an journalism senior and may be reached at [email protected].


  • This article is very poorly written. I am hoping that there is a journalism professor that is reading this so that they can work with this senior to improve on their writing. Based on just this one article, I doubt this senior could get a job writing blogs for an underground website. My advice as a reader and non-writer is to be more objective when formulating a topic. Do more research and stick to the subject. Try not to show such blatant partiality as this takes all the mystery out of your article. By all means improve your vocabulary. Read articles written by Charle Krauthammer to develop a more sophisticated style of writing.

  • I agree with Coug78. The article was definitely lacking in cohesiveness and impartiality. The objective of the article was also unclear.

  • Well the thing is that editors change the story so much that it becomes a lot different than how it was originally submitted so please just think before you speak

  • The thing is sometimes editor change a lot of things before publishing so it looks a lot different than originally written and not every journalism student have written opinions earlier. I am a journalism student as well and never taken an opinion writing class, but do know how to write news pretty well. Please just don’t judge people without knowing much about their writing skills. Thanks

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