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‘Party’ DJs send revelers into spectacular seizures

Electronic Dance Music has hit the US like it did in the mid-90s and, just as before, has come to us from other continents to consume the pulsating beats found in American nightclubs.

EDM has swept across the world at a rate that the music industry was not prepared for and prudced artists from all stems of life, including two DJs from Australia known as Knife Party.

The famous electronic duo is Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire, who contributed to a track for world renowned producer deadmau5.

The duo’s famous track, “Antidote,” has made it into the top 40 dance tracks in charts across the world. They have also worked with Swedish House Mafia, a collaborator on “Antidote,” which features a surreal hook and demanding drop.

The duo has remixed a number of tracks from other DJs and producers such as Nero, Porter Robinson and even Swedish House Mafia. Other than this, not much is known about Knife Party. The info on Facebook only states “seizure music.”

The duo stopped by Houston’s Stereo Live on March 23, a show that featured assistance from local DJs Oscillator Z and Surain. The opening acts did get the audience moving, making it that much more of an experience when Knife Party took the stage.

The lights from the large LCD screens that were behind them began to light up as the main lights died down
and the audience roared. The vibrations from the initial aural buildup were felt through the floor and coursed through to the crowd, which was waiting for the drop. Once it arrived, the lights flickered and strobe lights
turned on showing the truth behind the statement of “seizure music.”

The majority of the show was composed of Knife Party’s own songs, but they also spun a few tracks that they remixed . The crowd favorite was, “Save The World,” originally from Swedish House Mafia. The Knife Party rendition of this track made the night complete and worth the admission to see this dynamic duo.

It only got better when one of the DJs walked towards the crowd and opened a bottle of champagne and began to spray the audience at the front. Large balloons floated around as the sea of people on the dance floor pushed them around the venue.

Finally, the masses of confetti and explosion of smoke from the machines made one of the final drops a fusion of excitement, adrenaline, and joy as almost all in attendance jumped in unison and danced the remainder of the night away.

Thus far, this show has to be the EDM show of the year and will surely be a push in the right direction for this group. The show was nothing less than a spectacular spectacle of dance, lighting, and surges of adrenaline.

Knife Party is currently on a small tour across America, so it is not known when they will swing their beats back through Houston. Alas, we look forward to any coming tracks and cannot wait to see what else Knife
Party can produce.

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