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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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EA Sports releases updated football simulation

Avid gamer football fans have most likely gotten their hands on the newest installment of the Madden series.

“Madden NFL 13″ has arrived for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and while the series has garnered a reputation for making small, questionable changes in newer versions, EA Sports’ effort to do more this time around is clear.

Some fans believe the only real changes are the new rookies and updated rosters via trade or free agency. However, those who have continued to support the series through the years can attest that the last game has slowly evolved to become more challenging.

In the past, “Madden” has allowed players to score easily by scrambling around the backfield with the quarterback and throwing the ball 75 yards across the field on the quarterback’s back leg to a receiver. This time around the defensive line is stronger, offering more difficulty in getting toward the end zone.

Another addition to the game, running backs are unable to pivot 360 degrees on a dime to prevent being tackled or simply break the ankles of a defender — all with the swivel of a joystick.

By preventing these game changes, unrealistic moves on the field have allowed the developers to bring a futuristic look and feel to the game. The modified layout of the menu screen allows easier access and navigation. The creators have also taken a page out of the “NBA2K” series by going into more depth with the players, coaches and gameplay. For gamers who are big on changing jerseys or want to revert back to the yester years of the game, Nike has provided every uniform teams have worn throughout their franchise history.

“Madden” has also improved passing mechanics by allowing complete control of the quarterbacks’ passes. One can now put the ball behind, below or in front of a receiver with the evolution of precision passer. The game has also allowed for smoother transition from quarterback to receiver and complete control of the receiver by slowing the game down while the player is attempting to make a user catch.

The gameplay has also changed the way the game is presented after two years of hearing Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth’s play-by-play analysis. With 82 hours and 9,000 lines of commentary, Madden has switched to CBS commentators Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, who call the action now. All through the interactions and comments during playtime, none of the lines are reused, allowing a more unique presentation during games.

Overall “Madden NFL 13” is a high-caliber sports game that many NFL enthusiasts will appreciate for years to come.

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