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"Every Day," published by Knopf Books for Young Reader is available now. | Courtesy of David Levithan

“Every Day,” published by Knopf Books for Young Reader is available now. | Courtesy of David Levithan

Author David Levithan has a knack for catching the reader and taking them through a thought-provoking journey leaving them clamoring for more, and he does the same with his new book “Every Day.”

“Every Day” follows A, a person who has accepted the fact that he wakes up in a different person’s body every day, until he falls in love with a girl named Rhiannon and yearns for a chance at a lasting relationship.

A is a poignant and thoughtful character, and reading about his experience as he grapples with this unfortunate life-defining circumstance will drag the reader through many emotions.

While the concept itself is intriguing, Levithan raises questions about true love, uncertainty, making a difference in someone’s life in one day and the influence that people have on others.

This book considers all of these issues and more. Levithan finds ways to interweave these questions with the lives and stories of the bodies that A must take over.

Each person has their own problems and priorities, and it’s interesting to see how A learns to dedicate himself to keeping these lives intact, even with his desire to find his own sense of permanence.

The cast of this novel covers a wide range of personalities that provides a look at the general welfare of today’s society as a backdrop to the central struggle — A’s attempt to gain consistency in his life.

The characters’ struggles were often difficult to read because they’re so strongly portrayed, but they are still honest observations about various modern problems, from gender and sexual identity issues to racial barriers and socioeconomic struggles.

Levithan’s direction with his characters was relatable, and this makes Rhiannon easy to understand given her quirky attitude and her struggle with issues that should be familiar to many readers in today’s society.

The developing relationship between A and Rhiannon alternates between humorous and sad while touching every emotion in between, and giving it the feeling of true love.

While the book seems to end too quickly, it’s an enjoyable read for those looking for a story that will make them think and keep them emotionally connected until the last page.

“Every Day” validates Levithan as a skilled writer who’s worth looking out for in the future.

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