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Saturday, December 2, 2023


Beverage company brings interactive marketing campign to campus

In an effort to promote Coca-Cola Zero in a nationwide tour, Coca-Cola Co. visited Butler Plaza on Thursday evening.

The venue’s concept aimed for a nightclub-oriented decor, which was a perfect reach for a college audience.

A black inflatable tent, shaped like a Coke Zero bottle with several disc jockey set-ups inside, was large enough to draw students’ attention.

Outside of the tent was another set with a bigger stage, a giant screen looping Coke Zero commercials and white, leather seats set to the side for the students to sit and socialize as the party went on.

Along with plenty of free Coke Zero cans, the party came along with one surprising asset that made it more memorable: peculiar headphones.

“Once students come in and put on the headphones, they’ll finally see what the commotion is all about because they’ll be jamming out to the music that the DJ’s are playing,” said Ted Ketterer, Coca-Cola senior brand manager.

DJ Wick-it the Instigator and Dallas Mavericks’ DJ Ro Parrish — each within their own space either inside or outside the Coke bottle-shaped tent — sent club-worthy tracks to the wireless headphones and students immediately started dancing.

The lounge-like setting of the event gave it a relaxing atmosphere, despite the DJs’ emphasis to energize the party as they tried to get students on the dance floor.

Models were also at the event as they danced non-stop on high platforms along the stage, while others among the crowd gave away iPhone cases and temporary tattoos and took photos with the students.

Coke Zero is known as the sister soda to the original Coca-Cola beverage product and as an alternative for those who wish to keep a low-calorie diet.

The party served as a great way for students to kick back after a long week of classes and midterms, but for Ketterer, the event also served as a successful stepping-stone during its marketing campaign on the road.

“This is actually part of a tour,” Ketterer said. “We’ve been through about three cities so far. We started in Miami, Los Angeles and now Houston.”

More than 200 students were outside grooving the night away as they drank the complimentary beverages.

“We have some partners who recommended UH, and we decided to come down here and throw a huge party for the students,” Ketterer said.

“We’re excited to have this many people come out and show support.”

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