Asian-American comedian delivers unfiltered jokes

The Student Program Board presented a comedian who showcased a mix between an R-rated sex education class and an in-depth discussion of Asian culture on Wednesday at the University Center, which was nothing short of hilarious.

Ali Wong walked out to the stage in a stylish oversized button up, leggings and knee-high boots.

Her routine catered to the mindset of a teenage boy, but appealed to everyone in the crowd as they thoroughly enjoyed her sexual jokes.

Wong was theatrical throughout the show — she distinctively switched from a loud voice to a low and satirical whisper. She would also add in a few bizarre body movements to keep the energy high among the crowd.

She shared amusing stories about relationships, dealing with parents and her everyday life all while giving advice from her experiences.

The style of her material is reminiscent of comedian Chelsea Handler, which is controversial and may be uncomfortable to some people.

She gave them uncensored advice on how to approach women, which prompted a young man in the audience to shout “I love you” when she presented one of her sex education demonstrations.

The best thing about Wong was that she never wasted time — she got right to the point and delivered each joke with enthusiasm.

She didn’t hold details back and was transparent with her personal life, making her jokes real and relatable.

Wong gave the audience a good idea of what it’s like to be an Asian-American when she mentioned the time she introduced her boyfriend to her parents allowing her to discuss diversity within the Asian community.

Some members of the audience may have been confused if they weren’t familiar with the Asian-American culture, but the laughter of the diverse crowd never ceased.

SPB concluded the event with Wong taking pictures with students after her performance.

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