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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

From the Editor

A word from Lt. Collier on the underwear run

While conducting research for The Daily Cougar’s follow-up article regarding the underwear run on Nov. 6 and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.’s possible involvement in it, Managing Editor Amanda Hilow emailed UH Police Department Chief of Staff Lt. Bret Collier with a couple of questions about the happenings of that night.

Collier provided her with some vital information, but unfortunately there was not enough space in the article to run every answer word-for-word. The Daily Cougar staff thought its readers might be interested in what Collier had to say.


The Daily Cougar: At what time on Tuesday night did UHPD arrive at Lynn Eusan Park and what scene were the officers greeted with?

Bret Collier: Officers monitoring the event at around 11:00pm reported a crowd forming around the Wheeler Street residential areas, particularly Cougar Village. The crowds were causing access control concerns for the residential areas.

TDC: What was the official reason officers were called to the scene?

BC: UHPD was made aware of the unsanctioned “Undie Run” expected to take place that night. Officers were assigned to monitor streets and areas where the run would be taking place.

TDC: How was the situation handled?

BC: The confluence of the Undie Run, a fraternity event in Lynn Eusan Park, and an election celebration in the residential areas created a situation that demanded the attention of UHPD. In order to address the growing concern, additional resources were requested from local agencies. Officers at the scene cleared the crowd. There was one arrest by an outside agency, and two student referrals made by UHPD to the Dean of Students Office for failure to comply with university officials.

TDC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

BC: It’s important that student groups let the university know about gatherings ahead of time so that we can all work to plan a safe and successful event. When we are uninformed about events, we are forced to draw resources away from where they are needed, and this can create safety concerns across the campus.


Attached to the email was a redacted police report from the night issuing two student life referrals to unknown students. The Daily Cougar has decided to file a Public Information Request to learn more details and will keep its readers updated on any developments. 

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