UH Students create Chevrolet campaign

From public relations to accounting and media to advertising, students in the advertisement degree program recently participated in a class to create an ad campaign sponsored by Chevrolet. Every person was involved with a different aspect of the project.

“It’s like a mock-advertising agency where you work just as you would in the advertising field,” said advertising senior Kellie Olive. “Basically, it’s learning different tactics and strategies and how to promote a brand.”

The program created an environment in which professional bonds could be created.

“The group as a whole was really good,” said advertising senior Michael Weber. “Our team members each have their own personalities and it is fun coming in each day and seeing what that new day is going to bring.“

Other students appreciated the unique hands-on approach this program allowed.

“It was exciting because it was the first time you do so much theory in advertising,” Olive said. “This was the first time that I got to do something that felt like it was real.”

The students were split into different groups based on the task before them, and other students were chosen to delegate to those groups.

“We have a creative director, we have an event director (and) we have a research director and underneath those directors are those students who work amongst the director,” said integrated communications senior Aicardo Rivera.

Rivera served as co-accounting director and coordinator for Cougar Concepts.

“Chevrolet gave us a budget of $3,000 and we had to divide it up amongst each department, and they have that amount to work with for the campaign,” said Rivera.

Students were in charge of their own budgets and adding value to the campaign without spending additional funds.

“If we know someone or are in communication with somebody in the food industry, we ask if they can give us 50 percent off. That is adding value to the budget,” Rivera said.

Rivera worked as the liaison between Cougar Concepts and Chevrolet, relaying communications between the two parties.

“It is my first experience doing something that is real time throughout the degree process at UH,” Rivera said. “You read about it, you learn about it, you might watch a YouTube video about it but you don’t get to experience it like this class where you have the real hands-on.”

Chevy chose to partner with UH for this project and students appreciated the chance to work with such corporation.

“Having a client like Chevrolet is really awesome because it is a huge name especially in Texas because of their trucks,” said advertising senior Jackie Hopper.

The size of the client’s company created massive success.

“It was a huge success and a lot of fun,” Hopper said. “We had hundreds of cards filled out.”

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