Crime update

In the past week, there have been seven alleged crimes committed on campus involving theft or burglary.

Four reports of theft all involve missing technology devices, some even stolen by the same suspects, UH Department of Public Safety said.

“Our officers located the suspects and placed them in custody for charges unrelated to those cases,” said UHDPS chief of staff Lt. Bret Collier.

UHDPS seeks to charge the suspects for the two alleged thefts and is examining whether the suspects could be involved with any other local crimes.

One incident took place at the Cameron Building on Friday afternoon when a student told UHDPS a man ran off with her iPhone after asking to use it.

A similar case was reported across the street near Law Hall, located in the Quadrangle, the following afternoon. A different student reported that after she let a man borrow her cellphone, he took off.

No matter how badly someone needs to use a cellphone, UHDPS warns about letting strangers borrow them.

“There is almost never a good reason to let a stranger borrow your cell phone,” Collier said. “This is a crime that is trending nationwide, and Houston is no exception.”

As for the three reported burglaries, two occurred at Cambridge Oaks and the other in someone’s car.

“We will continue to remind residents to lock their doors and all students to not leave valuables unattended,” Collier said. “When criminal opportunities are reduced, so is crime.”

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