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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Professor praised for research, teaching

UH researchers and teachers are bridging the gap between the bench and the classroom as the University continues to push into the Tier One bracket.

Ognjen Š. Miljanić, assistant professor of chemistry, has been recently named Cottrell Scholar by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, a private foundation that supplies funding for science that they feel is impactful in the scientific community, according to its website.

The award, named after the RCSA founder, Frederick Gardner Cottrell, is awarded to teachers and scientists who display an excellence in teaching and research, two aspects usually seen as contradictory.

Miljanić has proven this is not the case.

“I teach a large section of the organic chemistry class and have recently set up a new course on energy issues, which teaches students about the science and engineering behind the technologies currently used to produce and consume energy,” Miljanić said.

Miljanić’s research focuses on supramolecular interactions, non-covalent forces between larger molecules as seen in a variety of biological molecules, and aims to apply those to non-organic systems.

Miljanić has also created an online lecture series to help his class learn the ropes of the oft-dreaded organic chemistry course.

“eLectures are digitized recording of my voice and writing,” Miljanić said.

“I have created them to assist our large population of commuter students — who often have full-time jobs and irregular study habits — in catching up with the material in cases when they simply must miss class. They are very popular and have since their creation been accessed more than 50,000 times,” he said

As UH researchers and lecturers continue to gain awards, the support network and number of discoveries continue to grow.

“The University is clearly on an upward trajectory, and there are many new and exciting things going on. The research support is very good, and I enjoy working with a diverse group of colleagues from across different departments,” Miljanić said.

“As a teacher, I find UH students interesting and fun to teach. I think that with such a diverse student body, UH does an important service to Houston and Texas.”

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