Best on Netflix Watch Instantly

Netflix is an awesome repository of television and cinematic works, but finding quality programming on its Watch Instantly lineup can be a tricky proposition. The enormity of the library combined with copyright-law difficulties that prevent Netflix from allowing users to instantly stream all of its content, often leaves casual browsers with the feeling that there’s nothing on Watch Instantly.

But there are also plenty of diamonds buried amidst the general roughage of the Watch Instantly collection. The Daily Cougar intends to highlight these diamonds and occasionally poke some fun at the worst movies, too. Note that the Watch Instantly list fluctuates as contracts expire or are renegotiated, and so while all recommendations are current and accurate as of publication, that may not be the case as time wears on.

So without further ado, here are the two inaugural “Best on Netflix Watch Instantly” recommendations, a mainstream one and a weird one. And, since they’re instantly streamable, you can watch anywhere you have an active internet connection and a device with which to access it.

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