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Dean deemed Turkey-friendly



College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dean John Roberts received the Turquoise Award from the Raindrop Turkish House for his contribution to academic study and promotion of Turkish language at the seventh annual Turkish Language and Culture Olympiad.

Roberts joins the ranks of those awarded for their contribution to academic study and promotion of Turkish language, according to the organization’s website. Previous recipients include President Renu Khator and former Provost John Antel.

“Raindrop Turkish House is very interested in establishing Turkish as one of the foreign languages that we teach at UH,” Roberts said.

“As dean, I have supported the introduction of Turkish language and culture courses.”

According to the foundation’s website, The Turkish Olympiad, where Roberts received the award, was organized by the Raindrop Turkish House to award students for their hard work in success in different areas such as dance and poetry recitation.

According to the CLASS webpage, the event is meant to inspire students from kindergarten through college to learn Turkish as their second or third language with this Olympiad as the place to show their work.

“I think that the study of all cultures is important because I believe they are records of human accomplishments,” Roberts said.

“We have many students of Turkish descent at UH who should have an opportunity to study their own heritage in the classroom if they desire.”

Raindrop Turkish House works in eight states to address the social and cultural needs of Turkish-Americans, according to its website. Its mission is to introduce Turkish culture into American society.

Roberts hopes to build on the available classes in Turkish offered at the University and hopes to offer a minor in Turkish in the near future.

“It is an honor to be recognized for making a contribution that contributes to the educational opportunities available to our students,” Roberts said.

“I was thrilled that the leaders of Raindrop thought my contribution worthy of their recognition.”

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