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Bauer student gets state recognition, $10,000 award

Each year, the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation recognizes undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship students from its 21 universities across the state and honors only one student from each university with a $10,000 award.


Marketing and entrepreneurship junior Noy Shemer was the recipient this year. As a member of the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, the Bauer Honors program and a UH Tier One Scholar, Shemer has focused on her entrepreneurship studies and concentrated on building relationships with students, faculty and business professionals during her time in the C.T. Bauer College of Business.

“This scholarship will offer me the opportunity to grow as a leader and to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge both in business and in the real world,” Shemer said. “I am confident that I will represent this scholarship well through my entrepreneurial drive and leadership spirit.”

The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding Texas business leaders that foster entrepreneurial spirit and community leadership to continue and inspire the values of entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, and community leadership in all generations of Texas. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding business students who display the same entrepreneurial drive and leadership spirit as the notable business leaders.

”Noy is keeping up a tradition at the Wolff Center of Entreprenurship,” said Dave Cook, the director of mentoring program at the Wolff Center. “We are delighted in her achievement and recognition. It’s a good day for Noy and a good day for the Wolff center.”

Although it was her entrepreneurial spirit that lead Shemer to this scholarship, faculty members of the Bauer College of Business made a significant impact during her time there. Two specifically are Cook and Ken Jones, the associate director at the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.

“Both Dave and Ken have shaped the Wolff Center into a top-ranked entrepreneurship program through a balance of entrepreneurial skill-building, mentoring, and personal growth for students,” Shemer said. “They have offered me the rare opportunity to experience an entrepreneurship learning environment where I can maximize my knowledge and skills and also develop the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur in the business world.”

Shemer also thanks one of her professors, Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan, from the Bauer Marketing Department for impacting her time at Bauer.

“She has taught me how important it is to research and analyze real-world businesses in order to develop successful business strategies,” Shemer said.

Patrick-Ralhan was successful at challenging Shemer as a thinker so that she could be prepared for the business world.

“I believe that Noy has the motivation, drive and ambition to succeed and do very well in whatever she chooses to do,” Patrick-Ralhan said. “Her intellectual capacity and work ethic were admirable; and her work was always excellent.”

After graduating from Bauer, Shemer hopes to continue and further her higher education by achieving an MBA degree from the Bauer College of Business, as well acquiring real-world business and professional experience.

“When someone comes from good stock we try to provide an atmosphere where they can blossom, and continue to blossom,” Jones said. “Noy is taking all the steps in the right direction, and we are very proud of her. “

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