Create a game-day dress in three easy steps

During college football season across the nation, students and fans show spirit by displaying their school’s colors and logos. Game day attire is expected and is usually promoted by the school, sports team and student organizations.

Cougars are encouraged to wear red on Friday game days, and the campus is flooded with red jackets, T-shirts, basketball shorts and more. Many women, however, prefer to wear a “game-day dress,” which is typically made from a T-shirt bearing the university logo.

“There’s always a way to show spirit on game day. All around, you see red T-shirts,” said psychology sophomore Kadija Moon. “I love game-day dresses because they allow you to be feminine, cute and spirited all while standing out from the crowd.”

Game-day dresses are not mass produced by clothing manufacturers and are not likely to be found at popular retail stores.They are custom-made and worn with pride, but homemade versions of the dress can be less expensive.

Making a game-day dress at home can be much simpler than expected.

With only an oversized T-shirt, a stylish game-day dress can be created with three simple steps that require neither cutting nor sewing.

“This T-shirt dress is not only super quick to make; it’s also a really cute and inexpensive way to show your school pride,” said kinesiology junior Amy Ramirez.

Step 1: Put T-shirt on as you normally would.

Step 2: Put your arms through the neck hole of your large T-shirt, to create the image of a strapless dress.

Step 3: Pull the sleeves together at the back of your dress. Tie a single knot with the sleeves behind your back.

Game Day Dress Steps

Add a pair of your favorite boots or wedges and accessorize to make your game-day outfit pop. Wear your unique, homemade game-day dress with school spirit and pride!

The idea was inspired by The Ray Baby Show on YouTube.

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