Coogs enjoy the last big splash of the semester


The Student Program Board hosted a pool party on Friday at the Campus Recreational Wellness Center for students to get involved in team sports, dancing and socializing. | Ciara Rouege/The Daily Cougar

Summertime ended with loud splashes for those who attended the Student Program Board pool party on Friday before diving into midterm studies.

The event was organized by SPB’s newest department, the Late Night and Weekends committee, which is led by psychology senior Ody Ezeigwe.

“It’s still summertime. We felt that we should have an event that would help people cool off as well as socialize with each other,” Ezeigwe said.

The event was held at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center’s outdoor pool.

Throughout the night, students participated in water activities including pool basketball, water slides and swimming. A few students gathered on the sand volleyball court for matches and an open grass area for video games, but the main attraction was the chance to make new friends.

“You get to meet a lot of new people,” said nursing freshman Irma Chavez.

Many students socialized with other guests and ate snow cones in the patio area, where people enjoyed popular line dances and tossed Frisbee discs.

The festivities also included vendors who gave out free posters, wristbands and other prizes for follows and likes on Facebook and Twitter.

Kandy Kruisers, a new company founded by supply management senior Hamza Amir, attracted the most attention with a photo station. In the pictures, party guests posed with a teddy bear mascot and an array of mini-skateboards with fruit-inspired names.

The warm weather and upbeat music kept everyone entertained despite the dark clouds overhead.

“I had a good time,” said communications junior Cameron Ochoa. “I’ve danced a little, drunk sodas and other refreshments that they have here … and then I dipped into the pool.”

The event attracted mostly freshmen because of the ample amount of advertising in the Cougar Village residence halls.

“Fliers — they had them all over (Cougar Village II), but they should have had more people advertising the event instead of just putting out fliers,” said biology freshman Malari Williams.

Although a few guests said the turnout was a little lower than expected, the dozens of students who did attend enjoyed the activities and warm weather.

After a long night of dancing, games and poolside conversation, students were either energized or drained by the festivities.

“It’s been a lot of fun, especially being here with the girls. We’re just going to continue hanging out after this,” Williams said.

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