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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Karaoke night comes to campus


History senior Kyle Cousins has been singing his entire life and enjoyed having the opportunity to perform in the company of his fellow Cougars. He received warm applause from the audience.  |  Paulina Rojas/The DailyCougar

As a warm and welcoming place for diners, Cougar Woods housed Friday night’s karaoke. Students were encouraged to get involved and perform on center stage. Many participated with laughter and dancing as bystanders, including the dining hall staff, enjoyed the night’s surprise.

The Student Program Board  geared the event to relieve stress before finals.

After taking on the persona of Beyonce, SPB President Anjuli Tuck addressed the planning of late night and weekend events and the role students are expected to play.

“Get involved. It’s part of your student engagement and discovery as a student and as a person,” Tuck said. “That further institutes your pride here at the University of Houston. It also promotes your own student success because you take so much pride in the University.”

SPB member and kinesiology sophomore Elizabeth Ou said the event received a positive reaction from students expecting a normal dining hall experience.

“I think people were a little startled at first … but (they eventually got into it),” Ou said. “This is something that people like to do on Friday nights. (It’s something you can do) on a budget and something that would appeal to all audiences.”

Along with food and singing, students designed their choice of festive mini-pumpkins or picture frames.

UScholars freshman Justin Alonso said he and his friends experienced firsthand “how great college is.”

“It’s been pretty cool. People are up there having a good time. It’s nice for everyone to get together every once in a while,” Alonso said.

History senior Kyle Cousins, a music lover who grew up singing, got a high off the energy in the room.

“I’ve been singing all my life, really. It just allows me to share my voice, share my gift that I have. (To see everyone’s) reaction … really says something about what I can do.”

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