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Saturday, December 10, 2022


Cougars mix caffeinated creations

Mixology-56ed Jenna Frenzel

UH Dining Services offered students a chance to create their own Starbucks drink in the “Make Your Own Drink” contest. | Jenna Frenzel/The Daily Cougar

The best way to show off your Cougar pride is not only by your clothes or spirit, but by your frappuccino.

UH Dining Services introduced the Starbucks “Make Your Own Drink” showdown to students and faculty to see who has what it takes to make the University’s signature drink. Contestants had the chance to make their drink on Wednesday afternoon at the New University Center.

The drinks were judged on looks, taste and Cougar pride. The winner received a Starbucks gift card and a week for the drink to be featured at all three Starbucks locations on campus. The contestant will also have their name featured alongside with their drink. Dining Services Marketing Manager Amber Arguijo thought it would be a great idea to use this contest to introduce students to the new Starbucks location in the New UC.

“We really just want to celebrate the new Starbucks on campus, and one of the coolest things about it is you can do whatever you want to your drink,” Arguijo said. “We wanted to showcase that and also give our students the chance to showcase their creativity.”

Mixology-119ed Jenna Frenzel

Biology sophomore Celeste Ross won the contest with her “Shasta’s Mudslide Frappuccino.” | Jenna Frenzel/The Daily Cougar

UH Department of Public Safety security officer Tammy Hauser was one of the contestants to show her drink to the judges. Her drink — named the Raspberry Pride — inspired Hauser to be creative and add her own personal touch to it.

“I’m always surrounded by Starbucks here and at home, so I wanted to show my Cougar pride,” Hauser said.

The judges waited patiently after hearing the types of drinks the baristas would be bringing out. Architecture sophomore Princess Villalte was excited to try out these original ideas.

“We come here every day, so it’s nice seeing something new,” Villalte said. “I think it’s great that we get to try this out, and this drink might be my next favorite thing.”

After deliberation and the tasting, the judges finally made a decision. Biology sophomore Celeste Ross was the winner with her signature Shasta’s Mudslide Frappuccino.  Her creativity and thoughts about her fellow classmates inspired her to make the perfect drink.

“I thought about something that not only I would like, but the consumer would as well,” Ross said.

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