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The Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life hosted the 2014 Fraternity and Sorority Night of Celebration to commemorate students for their community service, time and dedication for the local community. | Maritza Rodriguez/The Daily Cougar

Fraternity and sorority chapters came together to recognize accomplished members for their services Tuesday evening at the New University Center Ballroom.

The 2014 Fraternity and Sorority Night of Celebration was hosted by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life to commemorate students who dedicated time and effort in providing a service for the community.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Richard Walker said he is proud of the students’ contributions not only to the UH community but also to the greater Houston community.

“It was a great evening to recognize the members of the sorority and fraternity community and their chapters for their dedication and hard work,” Walker said.

CFSL recognized the chapters and their members by presenting awards. The awards included highest chapter GPA and Excellence in Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Marketing junior Manuel Dasilva, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, received awards including Leadership Development and Ritual and Values. Dasilva said the awards signify the amount of work they had to go through in order to get them.

“I felt all the recognition of the awards the people received,” Dasilva said. “I felt it definitely solidified the unity among the Greeks, and it’s great knowing that your chapter was among the ones who was recognized.”

Walker recognized the Sorority Woman and Fraternity Man of the Year.  The awards went to corporate communication senior Dylan Casares of Omega Delta Phi and pharmacy and psychology senior Lauren Tolat of Delta Gamma. Tolat said she felt humbled and honored in winning the award not just for her but also for her chapter.

“The event helped bring the small community together,” Tolat said. “It really helped commemorate the value it stands for. It’s not about the socialization, but it’s about growing as a person, and this event commemorates you into reaching that potential.”

Casares said he was grateful for his award and felt every chapter and its leaders were there to celebrate their dedication.

“I think bringing in all the different chapters together is a great idea,” Casares said. “I love how the council brings the event together to celebrate our achievements not individually but also as a whole.”

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