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Monday, May 16, 2022


Open auditions to discover talents


The Student Video Network is holding auditions from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday at the New University Center Ballroom to find students to participate in upcoming productions.  |  Courtesy of Sophia Pereira

The Student Video Network will hold auditions from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday at the New University Center Ballroom for students who want to become active in the organization.

Media production senior and SVN President Sophia Pereira said the auditions are for shows.

“Whether they’re narrative shows or news shows, the actors can audition for any type of shows, whether they want to be a reporter or if they want to do narrative acting,” Pereira said.

Pereira added that the auditions are not about replacing actors or shows but rather for availability.

“If any show needs a new actor, or if they need an actor for next year, they go to the archives for that,” Pereira said.

According to media production senior and Vice President of Operations Isaiah Peña, SVN is not usually seen as an outlet for actors.

“When it came to SVN shows, acting was one of the scarcity areas of finding members. In the past, producers would use their friends or their crew members,” Peña said. “It allows us to have an archive of actors for producers to find actors on the spot. We even let the producers give us their own scripts so they know what they’re looking for.”

At the auditions, participants do not need to memorize anything. Instead, SVN will provide scripts consisting of comedy, dramatic and broadcast writings.

“It will be cold reads,” Pereira said. “They just have to look over it, and then they come in and speak the script in front of the camera.”

The auditions will benefit up-and-coming actors and producers.

“They’re more than welcome to hold their own auditions,” Pereira said. “But this is really helpful, because this is SVN overall, so all of the shows’ producers can benefit from it.”

New shows benefit the most from these auditions.

“They’re coming in, they’re fresh, they don’t know where to get the cast, and so they have the benefit of the SVN open auditions. They don’t have to worry about who to look for.  It’s all there waiting for them,” Peña said. “Whereas older shows will maybe pick one or two because they just need new people.”

At the moment, Pereira says SVN has 10 shows in the works.

“It’s the most we’ve ever had during my time here,” Pereira said. “You can expect a lot of episodes and a lot of new shows this semester and next semester. It’s going to be an awesome year for production.”

Peña added that they also have balanced areas of narrative shows and broadcast shows, and that he hopes to continue auditions each semester to keep the roster updated.

“With the new building and the new studio, the balance has come from the fact that broadcasting (has) been able to come up a lot more,” Peña said.

Media production junior Dot Behrens is the Vice President of Productions.

“Some shows will continue throughout the summer despite the break,” Behrens said. “It usually slows down because the change of the board and leadership. As long as the members want to do something, the board will be here making it happen.”

Auditions are open to current students and alumni. Walk-ins will be available Friday as well.

For more information, visit the SVN website.

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