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Thursday, June 1, 2023


Local band to play country-folk jams


Country-folk band Second Lovers is performing its eccentric tunes at 9 p.m. on Friday at Fitzgerald’s. They were nominated for the Houston Press award last year in Folk/Americana.  | Courtesy of Max Burkhalter

While strumming guitars and banjos and tapping drums, five musicians are bringing a country twang to their upcoming show Friday evening at Fitzgerald’s.

Second Lovers is performing with indie rock band What Made Milwaukee Famous at 9 p.m.

Biology senior Thom Truver plays the lead guitar alongside fellow band members Bryan Hoff on the drums, John “Butch Rambo” Maxwell on the mandolin and banjo, Sean Spiller on the bass and Nic Morales on vocals and guitar.

Together, the five musicians form Second Lovers, which started in late 2010 as a recording project between Truver and local artist Santiago Paez.

“We didn’t think much of it at first until we invited a few others to join in on the recordings,” Truver said. “What you hear and see now are the end results of just finding the right people to work with that have the same vision.”

Second Lovers was nominated for a Houston Press award last year under the Folk/Americana category, but because the band name was inspired by “Second Lover’s Song,” a song by native Texan and folk singer, Townes Van Zandt, country-folk influences its shine.

“It’s always amusing to see how we are categorized, because we have no clue how to describe it,” Truver said. “The best way I would describe us is in the middle between modern folk acts like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers and ’90s alternative country like Whiskeytown, Uncle Toledo and The Wallflowers.”

Truver emphasized that they aren’t limited to their genre, however.

“One of the best things about this band is how much we bring to the table in regards to influence,” Truver said. “We have experimental, punk, jazz, R&B, folk, noise, rock and alternative. We all really love music.”

Day by day, the bandmates produce, record and spend memorable times with each other doing what they love most.

Second Lovers’ debut album, “Wishers, Dreamers & Liars,” was released in July 2012 and features 10 catchy tunes.

Their second album, “New Mexico,” is a two-track, released in April 2013.

“I love meeting our fans and getting to hang out with them,” Truver said. “It’s really rewarding to share that more expressive and artistic side with others. We spend so much time on our music in production, rehearsal, gear, maintenance, booking and shows. It really feels great to take a break at shows and chat with fans.”

Morales and Maxwell enjoy the time the five artists spend together while Hoff enjoys playing at venues and learning about the history of Houston’s music scene.

“I get to not only hang out but also make music with my best friends,” Morales said. “It’s like fishing, almost. Instead of catching fish, you make songs. The good ones get to be made into dinner — or an album. The others get thrown back into the sea. We’re all in the same boat together. We all enjoy the fruits of our labor.”

During the last four years, the band has stunned audiences at events and created unforgettable moments.

From shooting music videos at the Saint Arnold’s Brewery to recording at Sugarhill Studios, the quintet is excited for more.

“It’s hard to think of just one highlight,” Morales said. “Almost every show is a highlight. Every article, every interview, every time we enter the recording studio … It’s been an amazing journey so far.”

Tickets for Second Lovers’ Fitzgerald’s show are $10 to 13 and sold here.

It will also perform downtown on June 7 and 8 at the Houston Beer Fest. More information can be found here.

Find music from Second Lovers on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Rhapsody. It can also be streamed for free at

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