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Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Essentials for a Cougar tailgating shindig

tailgate supplies

With tradition tailgating returning to UH and more projected student attendance than ever these supplies need to be on the packing list. | Rachel Sloan/The Cougar

After a year of tailgating at NRG Stadium and carpooling to games, students can breathe a sigh of relief as TDECU Stadium brings UH football back home. Students can now walk to games and easily attend pre-game events, but what are the true necessities for a home-style UH tailgate in Shasta Square?

Student and state identification cards are vital to a proper tailgate and game experience. The student ID gives you free admission to the game while the state ID gives you the ability to prove you aren’t breaking any laws by buying your beer at any of the 160 concession stands. Be sure this isn’t a forgotten essential — it may be the most regrettable.

Cowboy boots are a must-have for such a versatile event. They provide comfort, protection from unknown stickiness, and a Texan charm that can’t be outmatched.  Houston offers a more moderately-priced option of used cowboy boots, found at places like Texas Junk Company, located at 215 Welch Street in the Montrose area.

Flimsy plastic water bottles are handed out at almost every major event, from move-in days to the welcome tents around campus, and they are great assets to roll up in a purse and fill with water once inside the stadium, or bring filled to a tailgate and refill later on. They take up less space than a chunky round bottle and weigh almost nothing when empty. With Texas heat soaring and concession prices not far behind, this is a cost-effective and handy trick for football games.

The open air of TDECU Stadium is putting Cougar fans back in touch with the elements, and that means sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid the day-after tan lines.  No matter how out of place you might feel mingling in a crowd with a layer of filmy sunscreen on, it is better than mingling in a crowd with last week’s sunglasses tan lines.

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