Film shows struggles of a Muslim woman, turmoil of marriage

The roar of a heavily invested crowd echoed throughout the UC Theater Tuesday night.

The film being shown was “Bent Familia,” which showed the turmoil of marriage and being a Muslim woman.

The Council of Ethnic Organizations hosted the event.  The movie centers around the main character, Amina and her two friends, Aida and Fatiha.

As a divorced, liberated woman, Aida helps Amina — upset by her husband’s lack of attention — take control of her marriage. There were loud cheers as Aida came down hard on Amina’s husband for all the wrongs he had done to cause pain to his wife. By the end of the film, viewers felt Amina’s frustration as a Muslim woman struggling to have a successful marriage.

The film was shown as part of CEO’s goal to “enrich student life and promote culture diversity,” said education senior and event volunteer Kate Cross. With each event representing a different culture, “you’re helping students become more aware of all the different cultures on campus, rather than just their own,” Cross said.

English freshman Madi Stephens said she agreed. She described her hometown of Lufkin as a place lacking cultural diversity.

“Houston is so diverse, to not learn about other cultures is kind of impossible,” Stephens said.

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