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Saturday, December 9, 2023


Lifestyles reflect in personal style

This Wednesday, The Cougar delves into how life experiences have helped shape the style of two students.

Pictured right is political science junior Chelsea Murray. Her shirt is from Urban Outfitters; her sweater and shoes are from Forever 21; and her necklace is from an Ethiopian jeweler at a conference.

Murray: “I went to the Southern Black Student Leadership conference at A&M in January, which is a leadership conference for students to advocate education and different skills you need in the workforce as well as everyday skills.”

The Cougar: How did you hear about it?

Murray: “I was in an organization called the Organization of African American culture at my community college in Texas City, so my adviser told me and the rest of the students about it.”

TC: How did you like it?

Murray: “It was a lot of fun. Two days — I gained a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge.”

TC: What was your favorite part?

Murray: “My favorite part was seeing everyone come together, and we all got to network with different people as well as political scientists. There was a lawyer that was there who provided a lot of insight to his career and what steps he took.”

TC: Is that what you want to be? A lawyer?

Murray: “No, it’s not. But I thought it was interesting. I like to gain knowledge from different backgrounds.”


Pictured left is broadcast journalism junior Sierra Henry. Her shirt was a gift; the shorts were originally pants from the thrift store Dav that she cut herself, and her shoes are from City Gear.

Henry: “My goals and dreams are to become a sports anchor for something like ESPN First Take. I’ve always been around sports. I have three brothers who are closer to my age than my sisters are, so I hung out with them more.

TC: How do you feel they impacted you?

Henry: “I feel like they impacted me in a good way. They made me tougher. I’m not so not weak, but I’m not very sensitive because they didn’t let me be.”

TC: What do you love about yourself?

Henry: “That I’m pretty optimistic. Even when things are bad, I keep a good attitude.”

TC: Including sports, right? It makes you take a loss better.

Henry: “Yeah… Well not really. I try to at least.”

TC: What was your biggest heartbreak?

Henry: “My biggest heartbreak was when I couldn’t play sports anymore. I had a really bad wreck in high school and I fractured my spine. I still went to college and played basketball for two years but it’s just really hard for me to play. It really broke my heart when I couldn’t play anymore.”

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