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Sunday, February 5, 2023


Kim Kardashian shows her body but not her depth

Kim Kardashian

Francis Emelogu/The Cougar

Kim Kardashian has completely taken over the Internet again with her sexy photos, but this time she graced the cover of a magazine in her most risque shoot yet, exposing all her assets to the world.

Kardashian is probably one of the most famous celebrities ever, and therefore is no stranger to controversy nor nudity. Just recently, her body on the cover of Paper Magazine had the world buzzing because the pictures were considered vulgar; they featured a complete frontal and also a butt shot that will be remembered for ages to come.

Many people think the photos were distasteful, especially since she is a mother and wife. Construction management sophomore Olivia Smith said that while many people search for more substance from this Kardashian, it’s not who she is.

“She is famous. She has made millions off of making headlines, posing in covers nude and doing stuff to keep her name out there,” Smith said. “If people want her to stop what she is doing, then they should stop giving her the attention to do what she does.”

Paper Magazine was unheard of by many people before Kardashian graced the cover. Needless to say, views for the magazine are through the roof for this month’s issue.

Kardashian makes world news even when she does the simplest of things, with all of the major media networks always reporting everything that goes on in her life. Although, the Kardashian brand has been very successful financially, it makes people wonder how she has managed to go so far and why people care so much.

Many celebrities have caused controversy with their sexy cover shoots such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Madonna and many others. Celebrities have been posing nude in magazines for decades, and the uproar it still causes people to have is surprising to say the least.

The truth is that while flaunting one’s body is still unacceptable to many people, Kardashian is liberated and free to do whatever she wants, and some people are far too critical of what she does.

However, while celebrities do have a social responsibility of what message they are sending to our youth. Taking nude photos with baby oil glistening all over your body isn’t encouraging the youth to read nor go to school.

Kardashian and the hashtag “Break the Internet” have been trending for three days now. Creative writing sophomore Ke’Anna Oliver said she finds the idea that Kardashian has 21 million Instagram followers crazy and attention-grabbing.

“There was no purpose is for what she did; she has no purpose if you ask me,” Oliver said. “Nothing she does surprises me because the whole family just wants attention.”

While Kardashian agreeing to do a nude photo shoot may not be surprising, the fact that she did it for free is.

“Kim was not paid to appear in the magazine,” said a representative from Paper to E! News. “She was very excited to work with French photographer Jean-Paul Goude. Paper has never paid anyone to be on its cover.”

We all have different abilities, and gaining attention is one of Kardashian’s abilities. It is only a matter of time before Kardashian’s fame will fade away and some new family will take over the Kardashian reign.

It is important to note that if Kim Kardashian does want to “#BreakTheInternet,” she should at least do it for a cause.

Everyone has a social responsibility for our generation as well as the other generations to come. The message we send to our youth should not be to sell your body, but instead stimulate your brain.

While Kardashian has achieved the ultimate level of fame, she has never been known to be philanthropic or to use her fame to guide others. Her sex appeal has become her career; she doesn’t receive attention for anything else.

The camera lights can only shine so bright for so long, so it may be wise for her to quit the nudity for a while and figure out her purpose. Nude photo shoots will always be the perfect publicity for Kardashian as well as others, but after “Breaking the Internet,” it may be time to for her to conquer something else.

She is bold, but she hasn’t been bold enough to show the world more than a gorgeous face and an amazing body.

Opinion columnist Faith Alford is a journalism sophomore and may be reached at [email protected]


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