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Friday, March 31, 2023


Five weird things people put in their drinks

Because we know you like bizarre things, we came up with a list of five bizarre things people put in their alcohol. As humans we’ve evolved to the point where we fry everything, so why not ferment everything, too?


We put bacon on and in everything else, so naturally there should be bacon in alcohol too. There’s no one perfect way to do it, but a common method uses freshly cooked bacon and vodka. Throw the bacon into a container filled with alcohol and let it sit for four to five days at room temperature. Remove the bacon afterward, freeze the liquid enough to solidify the oils from the bacon, and then pour the frozen or slushy vodka through a coffee filter to remove the oils. Repeat as necessary to get that perfect bacon flavor.


Finding a snake in your garden is frightening. Finding it in your wine? Not so much. Snake wine, made by either placing an entire snake or multiple snakes in a glass jar of rice wine or by mixing the body fluids of snakes with wine, comes from Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Southern China and is drunk for its supposed medicinal properties in vitality and health.

Baby Mice

You wouldn’t want to see a baby rodent in your house, so why not in your wine instead? According to ancient Chinese traditions, if you drown live baby mice, no older than three days, in high-proof rice liquor and let it ferment for about a year, the resulting drink can cure about any ailment you’ve got.


The Inuits seem to be a simple people, if their seagull wine is anything to go by. To make this wine, stuff a dead seagull into a bottle of water and leave it in direct sunlight until it ferments. That’s all.


In Korea, “ttongsul” translates to “feces wine.” And true to its namesake, this drink is made by either submerging a bamboo stick in a chamber-pot full of feces (human, chicken, dog, take your pick) and soju, letting it ferment for months, and then extracting the ttongsul from the bamboo or by simply mixing alcohol and feces for several days. It’s said to cure illness and help repair bone fractures.

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