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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Spring Finals Edition

Studying inside or out, campus has you covered


The hill by the Student Center Satellite offers a peaceful oasis around the hustle and bustle of campus life. | Karis Johnson/The Cougar

For art senior Tyler Reichert, a study spot on campus isn’t about the best coffee grounds or the best wall art–and it definitely isn’t about comfortable lounge chairs. In fact, Reichert doesn’t like being in closed environments at all.

“I like to study in the grass,” Reichert said. “I (also) like to go to the Rec. I get on a stationary bike and I put my books in front of me and pedal.”

On a campus with more than 40,000 students, not everyone shares study habits or enjoys the same learning environment. It’s up to the students, who know whether they work best, to figure out which locations suit them.

For a study spot unbound by walls, try the picnic tables near the Technology Annex or the grassy hill sloping toward the Student Center Satellite. One of the few upsides to finals season are the warm, sunny days that make their debut before summer. Although Houston’s weather is treacherous at best, this time of year provides some of the clearest, most beautiful days to get out and switch-up your study-spot habits.

On the other hand, the great outdoors might be a bit too noisy for communications senior Chelsey Trahan, as she looks primarily for a peaceful environment.

“I look for somewhere quiet and where there’s not a lot of people so I can focus,” Trahan said. “I get distracted easily.”


The Legacy Lounge in the SC South offers students a quiet spot inside to study. | Karis Johnson/The Cougar

For places that offer the most quiet and minimal distraction, visit the Legacy Lounge in the SC South or the fifth floor of the M.D. Anderson Library. Having solitude while studying for exams is an important aspect for many students, especially during the stressful, chaotic season of finals.

“People go up (to the fifth floor) because it’s always quiet and they want to study in that area,” Trahan said. “Usually there’s not groups of people up there, and it’s completely silent. It’s easy to study up there.”

The confessionals and cubicles of the library’s upper floors offer a studious atmosphere, but the bare walls and small windows produce a problem for students who prefer a more personalized space.

Studying in the comfort of their own room is a must for students like Jacob Kohr, who prefer to hit the books at home alone.

However, studying alone isn’t always the best option, especially when questions on the material arise. Studying in groups is not always ideal, but it offers more sources when Google isn’t cutting it. When he’s having a difficult time understanding course material, Kohr goes to the Geo-Science Learning Center near Fleming to study with helpful peers.

“If I need some help, I prefer to do it in a place where there’s a lot of people doing it, so I can ask questions,” Kohr said.

Whether you prefer sitting in the sun or cramming in a cubicle, UH’s campus boasts various study options for the finals season at hand.

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