Sanders looks to rebuild America with ‘common sense’

Bernie Rally

“Twenty six percent of the children in Texas live in poverty. We are not going to abandon those kids,” Sanders said when speaking of why Texas matters to him. I Henry Sturm/ The Cougar

More than 5,000 people sat in Hofheinz Pavilion on Sunday, talking and waiting for the coming of Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. A clear and present energy vibrated throughout the space, building up toward a peak that came with applause as Sanders walked out onto the podium.

“People have said to me recently ‘Bernie, you are running for president of the United States of America, but you must not be a very smart politician,'” Sanders said at the opening of his speech. “‘You’re running in the Democratic primary process, why in God’s name would you come to Texas?’”

The Democrat says that he and his supporters will “win and transform America when we do the opposite (of what) the Republican’s do.”

With focuses on income inequality, climate change, pay equity and campaign finance reform, Sanders used the rally to deliver his perspective to thousands of people.

Sanders made a point to dwell on the plight of higher education and the “crisis of youth unemployment.”

“Here is the absurd situation in which we are now living,” Sanders said. “In America today, there are hundreds of thousands of bright, young, qualified people, young people who desperately want to go to college … but can’t go to college because their family does not have enough money.”

In line with his words, Sanders has introduced legislation to make public college free for everyone.

This radical thinking, or common sense as Sanders labels it, seems to be what some of the public want.

“I feel like Bernie Sanders is a legitimate candidate compared to the rest of the democratic runners,” said Samuel Noble, 19, a musician and artist. “There’s a lot of screwed-up policies and laws right now … (and) he definitely has a unique perspective that none of the other candidates have.”

Sanders focuses on the gap between the wealthy and the poor, the racism across the country and the need for universal health care and a growing job market.

Hitting all these points, Sanders attracted a lot of noise from the audience. Cheers for him and his causes, boos for the injustices that Sanders names his opposition.

And at the end of the rally, Sanders promised his supporters and listeners that, with their help, he will start a political revolution to transform America.

“When we stand together there is nothing, nothing, nothing we cannot accomplish,” Sanders said.

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  • Bernie Sanders is a joke.

    People can’t afford college??? Yes they can. Go to community college and work part time. Millions of people do it, and billion of people before you have. If you want to attend UH, UT, TAM, Rice, TTEech. and your parents can’t afford it, get a
    loan. Think it’s too expensive??? He didn’t address that did he? College costs have risen higher than anything else in our economy. Why is that? Did he address that point, or only promise “Free” college. Nothing is FREE! Wake up!
    Find a candidate that’s honest with you as to why college today costs
    exponentially more than when your parents attended.

    He mentioned the “crises of youth unemployment,” yet his fellow democrat, Obama, hasn’t done anything about it, and actually made it worse.

    He wants to start a revolution? Really?
    He’s a socialist, what kind of revolution does he want? He already thinks we have too many choices in the market. Do you want fewer choices
    when you go to purchase that new TV, phone, furniture, personal goods (hair
    products, deodorant, etc.), auto, bicycle, etc, etc, etc, etc? He does.

    Please, take an econ course, and wake up.

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