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Monday, May 10, 2021


Respect is needed from both professors, students

We get it — you’re a struggling college student. We also get professors, who have been teaching for years and have their own research to do.

Mutual respect between both parties is needed in order for the system to work.

Dear Students,

Sleeping in Class: Judging from the way you zombie-walked into our class, we can tell you’re running on about three hours of sleep. We know staying up till 3 a.m. to watch Fear the Walking Dead whilst eating Whataburger is an enticing way to spend a Sunday night, but best believe you’re going to feel that tomorrow. For the students with legitimate reasons for their sleep deprivation, we are sorry. However, when you’re nodding off, there is no way of knowing when you’ve had a hard night studying, or a hard night partying. To us, and other students, you look disinterested, apathetic and disrespectful. Wake up.

Packing Up Early: The zip of your backpack, the tearing of your paper, the creaking of your desk: These are the sounds that haunt us at night. No matter how quiet you think you’re being, we can hear you. More importantly, your classmates notice you and often decide to follow suit, magnifying every noise. Sit still and wait to be excused.

Food in Class: You’ve got classes from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., understood. Because of this, some of us allow you to eat in class. However, did you have to pick the crispiest apple in the store? From our time at this University, we have grown familiar with the sounds of the crunchiest carrot, the crackliest chip, the frenchiest fry. You’ve distracted us, made your colleagues hungry, and now you’re picking popcorn out of your teeth. Ew. Please bring softer foods.

Dear Professors,

Cancelling Class: You’ve got a family and a book deal and other obligations, we get it. Sometimes unexpected things come up, and you have to cancel class. For the most part, we will be ecstatic about this decision. However, when you choose to cancel class — without notifying anyone — you hinder all of your students. Some of us drive all the way from The Woodlands at 6:30 a.m. to find parking for our only Friday class. Be there, or communicate.

Technology in Class: You want us to create an interactive, 30-minute digital, oral and existential presentation using four different computer programs, and you don’t even know how to use the projector? How do you expect us to start this endeavor when we haven’t even started class? Learn the technology you want us to use.

Email: Do you know how long we spent composing this grammatically correct email? We’re already stressed, trying to find the answer to our questions, let alone ask in a way that is appropriate and professional. We proofread and edited and proofread again. All this for you to ignore us or respond with “I forgot to post the slides lol?” Treat us like adults, and engage in proper email etiquette.

There are some things that cannot be excused. Students pay for the classes they take, and professors make their livelihood off of them, so a little more care should be taken on both accounts.

— The Cougar Editorial Board

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