Monogamy’s faults in today’s society

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The idea of cheating has been highlighted by the Ashley Madison scandal, making monogamy part of a broken relationship system. | Illustration by Kevin Lemus

Let’s face it: our relationship system is broken.

As our society becomes more accepting in recognizing human rights, one subject resides in the hands of conservatism: sex. Not only has sex remained taboo over the years, but we continue to condemn cheating as the unforgivable sin.

Why not condemn monogamy instead?

Anthropologist Helen Fisher found that “monogamy is only part of the human reproductive strategy.” This means that unless it comes to reproduction, sticking to one sexual partner is merely a social norm.

The idea of cheating can be considered a social construct.

Recently, the act of cheating has been highlighted by the hacking of Ashley Madison, a dating website designed to help married couples cheat. Adultery, especially by those who considered themselves happily married, was proven higher than most people might have thought.

According to The New York Times, cheating rates are rising, most prominently among young couples and older men.

Apart from the many reasons why people in relationships cheat, one thing is certain — our society views infidelity as terrible.

But why is it seen that way?

In 2008, Psychology Today ran a controversial article that explained how even the husband of the world’s most attractive super model will eventually lose sexual drive over time.

If Brad Pitt is allowed to lose interest in Angelina Jolie, so can the rest of us.

Take a moment to consider the idea of Free Love, a social movement with its roots in late 18th century feminism. Free Love argues against marriage and suggests that the government should stay out of sexual matters such as marriage and birth control.

Guided by these ideas, people would feel more empowered and secure when making decisions regarding their sexual behavior.

Because we are still sexually traditional, today’s society rejects the idea of having multiple sexual partners. Society labels it as immoral while imposing marriage as a natural necessity.

The same social construct oppresses men and women with gender stereotypes: while men are required to put on their best macho costume and provide for their family; women should stay monogamous.

While there are many arguments as to whether monogamy is ideal or not, one thing should be indisputable — your sexual choices belong to you, and no one should be able to touch that.

Opinion columnist Luiza Braga is a print journalism senior and may be reached at [email protected]

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