Fourteen years later: students reflect during 9/11 memorial


The Student Center held a public 9/11 memorial where students were able to view the horrors and sacrifices Americans went through that day.

This is the fourteenth anniversary since the horrific attack and, it’s the first year the ROTC program  has publicly displayed a memorial for the student body to remember the lives lost.

“I learned that so many innocent American lives were lost that day,” exploratory studies freshman Brandon Lee said. “It affected a lot more families across the nation than I expected.”

Among the memorial was a photo exhibit, a ceremony held by the ROTC programs, a panel discussion and a way for students to meet first-respondents who were at Ground Zero.

“It’s amazing to see so many people inspired by 9/11,” mechanical engineer sophomore Nguyen Hoang. “A lot of people look up to these enlisted men and first-(respondents). They are seen as true American heroes.”

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