UH moves up in Top 100 ranking


It’s that time of year again. U.S. News and World Report kicked off the fall semester by releasing their official rankings of universities.

UH ranked 187, rising two spots from last year’s 189 slot. UH still trails behind three major universities — Rice University (18), the University of Texas at Austin (53) and Texas A&M University (71).

UH had higher rankings in some subcategories, however, including the number one spot for the “Best Online Graduate Education Programs.”

“We’re really excited about the potential this allows for more people to become more educated, to become qualified and really be able to give back to the greater Houston community,” said Ginger Lucas, director of the online social work graduate programs. “It is really exciting that the University of Houston (is) acting in such a progressive way because there are some many wonderful things to online education.”

UH was also ranked number two in campus diversity, tying with Andrews University, St. John’s University and University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

“UH continues to reflect the diversity of our city,” Richard Walker, vice president of student affairs and enrollment services, said in a press release. “We are proud to be a University where students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds come to pursue their higher education dreams. In recent years, we have made great strides to become more nationally competitive while maintaining the affordability, diversity and local relevance that are part of our core values.”

Additional programs that ranked in the top were UH’s intellectual property law in sixth place, health care law in eighth place, part-time Law in 11th place, social work in 37th place and pharmacy and part-time business MBA in 48th place in the nation.

Despite UH’s lower overall ranking compared to its rival schools, several of its programs ranked in the top 100.

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