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Despite uncertainty at position, sophomore is ready to play


Sophomore Kyle Postma has already experienced a bit of uncertainty as to where he’ll play, but knows that he’ll be ready when he gets the call. | Justin Tijerina/The Cougar

In the Cougars’ season-opener against the Tennessee Golden Eagles, Cougar fans received a pleasant surprise after sophomore quarterback-turned-wide receiver Kyle Postma made his wide receiver debut, grabbing four catches for 82 yards, including a 29-yard touchdown in the win.

Postma, who joined the team as a walk-on in 2013, used a redshirt season and transferred to Trinity Valley Community College to play quarterback, where he led the team to a 12-0 season.

After returning to Houston, Postma was named to third-string quarterback at the end of training camp, but quickly moved to wide receiver due to the lack of depth at the position.

After playing just three games, Postma will transition back to quarterback, serving as the backup to Greg Ward, Jr., after senior Adam Schulz sustained a torn ACL in his right knee, taking him out for the remainder of the season.

The Cougar caught up with Postma to find out how he is handling the transitions and uncertainty surrounding his season so far.

The Cougar: How did you feel initially about making the transition to wide receiver?

Kyle Postma: I was just told that I was going to play receiver. I want to do anything I can to help the team win.

TC: How different was that for you?

KP: It wasn’t too hard. I knew all of the routes and everything, so that wasn’t an issue. It was just more of all the running aspect. That was different — all the cutting when running — and trying to break off of cornerbacks and safeties and things like that.

TC: Had you ever imagined not playing quarterback in college?

KP: I played a little bit of receiver in high school. I honestly was going to come here my freshman year and play receiver, and then they moved me to quarterback when I got here. After being here, I thought I would never play receiver. The opportunity came, and I just went with it.

TC: Do you feel uncomfortable at the receiver position?

KP: It’s not that I’m uncomfortable at it, it’s just that it’s new to me, so I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be at it. With practice and everything I started to get a little bit better, but I definitely feel more comfortable playing quarterback.

TC: Is it bittersweet to be back at your original position but receiving less playing time?

KP: Not really, I just know that I have to be a backup. I have to do this for the team, and I will do anything for the team. If being a backup is what’s best for the team, then that’s what I’m going to do.

TC: Do you feel like your future role here is unknown?

KP: I know they’re going to put me wherever they need help, and that’s fine with me. I plan to do whatever I can, whatever is needed, now and in the future.

TC: What appeals to you about each position?

KP: I like both of them. Having the ball, doing what I have the ability to do and making plays. That’s what appeals to me.

TC: What, if anything, has head coach Tom Herman said to you about your future here at UH?

KP: We really haven’t discussed it. When I saw Adam get hurt, I had a feeling I’d be going back to quarterback. Coach just pretty much tells me that whenever that I have to step up, I need to do so, and that’s why I try to do.

TC: How do you feel about the progress you’ve made since arriving here? Where do you believe you’ve had improvement?

KP: I definitely have a different perspective of receiver, because I had no idea it was like that honestly. I think I’m getting a lot better. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here, being under coach Applewhite and coach Herman. They’ve taught me a lot. Coming out of high school, I didn’t know much about football, I was just kind of out there playing. Now, I know how to read defenses a little bit better and be able to react better to what happens.

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