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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Gov. Abbott is wrong to defund Planned Parenthood



Planned Parenthood is no longer funded by the Texas state government. | Courtesy of Getty images

Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to champion himself as a fighter for individual liberties is under fire… from Gov. Abbott.

Abbott’s administration has dropped Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program. Part of the official reason for this decision is due to controversial videos of Planned Parenthood clinics released earlier this year.

The only problem with this is that the videos have already been proven to be edited. So what other reason would the administration have for this decision? To prevent abortions.

Abbott is pro-life, like many of his fellow Texan Republicans. He does not believe in abortion, and he skirts around saying whether he believes in the exceptions for abortion, such as rape, incest and other situations.

It appears that the overall focus of defunding Planned Parenthood is to end abortions in the state of Texas. The problem with this logic is, by defunding Planned Parenthood, he would not be ending abortion altogether. He would only be making it much more difficult to have a safe one.

There are also other negative consequences to Planned Parenthood being shut down.

Data shows that when Planned Parenthood clinics close down, the number of unintended pregnancies rises. The reason for this is because the expectation that other clinics would take the responsibility of reproductive healthcare does not always come true.

Abbott’s claim of protecting women’s health and individual liberties not only paint him as a liar, but a dangerous one. He is not protecting reproductive healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood, and in fact, he is not only affecting women with this decision.

“(Planned Parenthood offers) women’s reproductive healthcare, abortion care (and) birth control,” said Women’s Resource Center Program Coordinator Malkia Hutchinson. “They provide STD screenings for men, vasectomies for men, and they have a full range of services for people (other than) cis-gendered women.”

Not every woman is outraged by this decision, however. The pro-life movement has seen this as a victory for what they view as a preservation of life. They view the fetus as an individual person, and the termination of that fetus is considered to be equivalent to murder.

“Even though (abortion) is legal in this country, it doesn’t make it right,” biochemistry and biomedical engineering alumni Isabel Rubio said. “I do believe that we should defund Planned Parenthood because of what they’re doing: they’re killing babies. They’re ripping apart babies in the womb.”

Regardless of one’s view of abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood is a dangerous path to take. This will affect UH students because many rely on the healthcare services provided by Planned Parenthood.

“I know students who have come who needed help getting resources for finding a healthcare provider because they were uninsured or their parents were uninsured,” Hutchinson said. “If something like defunding (Planned Parenthood) would happen, I think it would be a larger burden to getting students who come to us (who are looking to) just be pointed in some kind of direction in where they can get a gynecological exam; that shuts off one resource that we have to help them.”

Hopefully, those students searching for the resources that they need can find that help at the University Health Center. There’s no doubt the Health Center will be receiving more patients looking for services that are no longer available to them.

I hope for their sake they can find that help safely.

Opinion columnist Sam Pichowsky is a political science sophomore and may be reached at [email protected]

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