Staff Editorial: Paws up, paws down for homecoming


Pablo Milanese/The Cougar

Homecoming week is starting off with an array of events to get students hyped up for the upcoming game against Cincinnati. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or simply don’t give a damn about this week, we think it’s important to see the good and the bad this week will bring to students and the community.

Paws up: It’s tradition

As the highlight of the fall semester, Homecoming is the week where alumni can come back and explore their old stomping grounds. Complete with concerts and activities all culminating with the football game, it’s definitely a great way to show off your Cougar pride.

Paws down: The entertainment performers are limited

We need some diversified acts. After Big Sean came to UH’s Homecoming concert last year and now fellow rappers Wale and Lupe Fiasco leading this year’s show, the performers aren’t as wide-spread as the Cougar community. What about branching out to other genres like alternative rock, electronic or even some Latin music to spice up the Cougars’ diverse tastes?

Paws up: Free swag for all

More than giving your pride for fellow Cougars, students get prizes and food from all the participating organizations. From the classic free shirts, to a personalized stuffed Shasta teddy at the Build-A-Coog event, there’s plenty of stuff to fill your closet with school spirit and decorate your room with. Your student fees help fund these events, so get out there and enjoy them.

Paws down: Participation isn’t ideal yet

We now have a perfect winning streak of 8-0. The football stadium, however, is still not being filled up to its full potential. We are as tired of saying this as you are of hearing it, so we won’t mention the white elephant in the room…or the stadium *Cough, cough.*

Paws up: The game matters, it’s time to show it

The homecoming game against Cincinnati has big implications. The Cougars will be looking to remain undefeated and move up in the rankings, as well as pick up a crucial conference win. The hype and energy around the 2:30 p.m. kickoff should be huge and be an excellent cap to the homecoming week.

— The Cougar Editorial Board

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