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SFAC: MVP denied base augmentation request

The Student Funds Advisory Committee recently approved a one-time increase of $12,932 for the Metropolitan Volunteer Program according to the released recommendations report.

MVP originally requested for that same amount of money as a base augmentation, which the committee denied. 

The committee approved MVP’s base budget request of  $71,134. The augmentation requests MVP made were going to fund marketing for a volunteer fair and some on-campus events for the organization. 

“We did get a lot of funding last year,” history junior Emily Johnson, the assistant director of MVP, said. “Across the board base augmentation wasn’t something that happened because of low funds, I assume. But the money will get us through the year. And if the events we asked money for are successful, then I think it will be revisited, and we will be funded.”

The committee’s report on the organization was positive, however. The committee said it is pleased with the progress the organization is making and hopes for more.

“MVP continues to set a standard for excellence in promoting selfless service and student engagement in the community,” the report said. “Hand-in-hand with academic enrichment is the need to instill in students a tradition of service and giving back to our community. SFAC recognizes the dedicated work of MVP’s current leadership and hopes that an increased residential presence on campus will continue to strengthen MVP’s participation rates.”

The committee will revisit the base augmentation request at next year’s hearing. Base augmentations are for three years and the organization hopes the committee will revisit their request once there is more money to spend.

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