Five things you might have missed this week

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This week has been filled with controversial performances that have everyone talking, from a new initiative to clear up Michigan’s water crisis to The Vatican advising new bishops to not report child abuse. Here are the five things you might have missed this week in the world of news:

Beyoncé’s “Formation” performance delivers drama

The NFL halftime show was highly anticipated, with Coldplay opening the show alongside special guests Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. But Beyoncé took it one step forward. Her new single dropped the day before with a provocative music video, featuring imagery that referenced Hurricane Katrina and the Black Lives Matter movement, and chatter began bubbling before Beyoncé even performed. During the performance, she and her back-up dancers wore outfits reminiscent of the Black Panther movement.

Now, some are planning a protest of her performance outside the NFL headquarters.

Obama asks for nearly $2 billion to fight Zika, but says don’t worry about it, guys

President Barack Obama will ask the U.S. Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funds to fight Zika at home and abroad and to pursue a vaccine, the White House said on Monday, but he added there is no reason to panic over the mosquito-borne virus.

“The good news is this is not like Ebola. People don’t die of Zika. A lot of people get it and don’t even know that they have it,” Obama told CBS News. “But there shouldn’t be panic on this. This is not something where people are going to die from it. It is something we have to take seriously.”

Obama’s request to Congress includes $200 million for research, development and commercialization of new vaccines and diagnostic tests for the virus.

Flint is looking at a $55 million plan to get new pipes

Flint, Mich. has been suffering from a devastating water crisis. Now, Mayor Karen Weaver is looking to start on construction to get that problem fixed by removing and installing new pipes from its water distribution system.

“In order for Flint residents to once again have confidence and trust in the water coming from their faucets, all lead pipes in the city of Flint need to be replaced,” Weaver said.

“The success of the Fast Start plan will require coordination between city, state and federal officials as well as funding from the Michigan Legislature, Congress or both. I’m asking Gov. Snyder and the state to partner on this effort. We’ll let the investigations determine who’s to blame for Flint’s water crisis, but I’m focused on solving it. It’s going to take time to get this done, but we’re going to move quickly.”

Johnny Manziel gets a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend

NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel hit his girlfriend Colleen Crowley so severely on Jan. 29 that she suffered a ruptured eardrum and still can’t hear from her left ear, her attorney said Monday, according to NBC News.

Colleen E. Crowley applied for a restraining order, saying that she and Manziel dated for two years and lived together for four months in Cleveland before the alleged attack in Dallas last month.

Dallas police re-opened the criminal case on Friday, and NBC 5 has reported that police in Fort Worth are also investigating.

More bad news for Manziel: his agent recently dropped him, and the Cleveland Browns intend to let him go as soon as possible.

The Vatican said new bishops don’t have to report child abuse

The Catholic church is telling newly appointed bishops that it is “not necessarily” their duty to report accusations of clerical child abuse, and only victims or their families should make the decision to report abuse to police.

“According to the state of civil laws of each country where reporting is obligatory, it is not necessarily the duty of the bishop to report suspects to authorities, the police or state prosecutors in the moment when they are made aware of crimes or sinful deeds,” the training document states, according to the Guardian.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests advocacy group, or SNAP, has been very vocal on their stance.

“It’s infuriating and dangerous that so many believe the myth that bishops are changing how they deal with abuse and that so little attention is paid when evidence to the contrary – like this disclosure by Allen – emerges,” the group said in a statement.

A Crux article also proves that the church had not substantially changed.

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