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Five things you might have missed this week

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This week has been filled with presidential campaign drama, from Super Tuesday results ending Ben Carson’s race, a soccer player’s courageous donation to CTE research, to two Catholic bishops’ 40-year-old sexual abuse cover-up getting caught, here are five things you might of missed in the world of news.

Super Tuesday 

According to CNN, Tuesday’s elections results show that Trump dominated seven wins across the nation, indicating how some voters agree with his anti-establishment movement. Clinton also came out on top, winning over seven states, including Massachusetts, which Sanders hoped he’d win over. Cruz won over his home state of Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska, making him a worthy contender, while Rubio won over Minnesota.

Super Tuesday’s results show that Trump won 233 delegates; Cruz got 188 and Rubio ended with 90, according to CNN.

So far in the race, Trump has 315 delegates, compared to 205 for Cruz and 106 for Rubio. A total of 1,237 delegates are required to win the Republican nomination.

Clinton won nearly 492 delegates on Super Tuesday, giving her a total of 1,055 delegates compared to the 330 delegates won by Sanders on Tuesday, giving him 418 delegates so far.

Soccer player to donate brain for CTE research

Retired soccer player Brandi Chastain has agreed to donate her brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Boston University researchers for the study of concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease.

Chastain is prominently known for her crazy goal in the 1999 World Cup final against China.

No female athletes have been found to have had C.T.E. so far, so this donation hopes to change just that. The study has found links, but the sample size has been small. Researchers at Boston University have examined a total of 307 brains, mostly athletes’ brains, but only seven of them were from females.

Chastain said her goal is to leave soccer “in a better place” than when she started, according to the New York Times.

Astronaut Scott Kelly comes home 

Scott Kelly landed back on Earth Wednesday morning after spending 340 days aboard the International Space Station. That time stands as the record for an American astronaut, and one of the longest-lasting spaceflights ever.

He landed in Kazakhstan that morning and arrived in Houston on Thursday.

“It’s great to be back in Texas, on U.S. soil…on planet Earth,” he said to CNN.

“I have taken a lot of pictures because I’ve been up here for a long time,” Kelly said to the press. “I’ve definitely taken some good ones and some memorable ones.”

According to his twin brother, Mark Kelly, Scott grew nearly 2 inches during his stay on the ISS, but is now back to his normal height. It took him less than two days to shrink.

Catholic bishops cover 40-year period of sexual abuse 

Two Roman Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by over 50 priests or religious leaders over a 40-year period, according to a grand jury report issued Tuesday, according to CBS Philly.

The 147-page statewide investigating grand jury report revealed graphic content and committed religious leaders in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane delivered the findings reports.

“These predators desecrated a sacred trust and preyed upon their victims in the very places where they should have felt most safe,” Kane said. “Just as troubling is the cover-up perpetrated by clergy leaders that allowed this abuse to continue for decades.”

Ben Carson drops out of Presidential race

Carson announced Friday afternoon that he is “leaving the campaign trail” after a string of disappointing finishes in the Republican race, according to USA Today.

“There’s a lot of people who love me, they just won’t vote for me,” Carson said during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference taking place outside Washington, D.C.

The announcement was expected after he was a no-show in Thursday’s GOP debate in Michigan, adding that he did “not see a political path forward” after the Super Tuesday results, according to his official statement.

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