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Optometry student dubbed national liaison


Christopher Lopez was recently named the national liaison of the American Optometric Student Association for the 2016-17 school year. | Courtesy of Lopez.

A second-year College of Optometry student was recently chosen to serve as the national liaison of the American Optometric Student Association for the 2016-17 school year.

Christopher Lopez was selected out of all of the optometry students who applied for the national liaison position from 20 optometry colleges across the nation.

“There’s only one national liaison position for this specific organization to cover the entire United States, Puerto Rico and Canada,” Lopez said. “With that in mind, all applicants can only hope to be named national liaison. I am honored to serve as national liaison and will make the most of this opportunity.”

Lopez is now the pipeline not only connecting the American Optometric Student Association with the American Optometric Association, but also with optometry students across the country.

Liaisons are responsible for keeping up with current trends in the optometry profession and also having to speak for more than 6,000 AOSA students at more than 20 colleges of optometry.

“Chris has a desire to make a difference in his profession through leadership, and he sets a fantastic example for his peers to follow,” College of Optometry admission and recruiting manager Lyle Tate said.

As national liaison, one of Lopez’s projects will be to work with legislators to help expand the limits and capabilities of optometrists to practice what they are taught in school.

The AOSA and the national liaisons have held a tradition of leadership in the academics of optometry for more than 40 years. They are vital when it comes to providing the students of optometry schools around the world with an opportunity not only to be involved, but also to make an impact throughout the profession.

As newly appointed national liaison, Lopez has his work cut out for him.

“Chris is a natural leader and his ability to remain humble while focusing on the job at hand will serve him well,” College of Optometry staff member Melissa Mares said. “There is no doubt Chris will represent the college, our students and the profession well in his new role as national liaison.”

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