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Sunday, June 26, 2022


15 things to do before taking your final

Knock knock, the final is here. Too late to shun the dangerous visitor; its toes are already in your domain. Check off everything in the list below and you shall emerge unscathed. Your freedom and future lies ahead.

Be brave, Cougars, and just do it.

1. Prepare for your study session by purchasing snacks in bulk ahead of time

2. Eat all the snacks as you contemplate when to start studying

3. Brag or complain on social media about how much studying you have to do

4. Start studying

5. Realize you know about as much as Jon Snow

6. Cry

7. Secure more snacks so you can eat your feelings

8. Resume studying

9. Take a break from studying to cry in the shower

10. Study a little more before bed

11. Cry self to sleep

12. Wake up

13. Squeeze in some last-minute studying

14. Go to where your final is held

15. Take a deep breath, know everything is going to be OK and knock that final out of the park!

16. If that was your only final, congratulations! If not, rinse and repeat. Works every time.

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