• This is a very unconventional GOP convention … imagine … Republicans attacking the presumed SocDem nominee on Day 2 … incredible. Attacking instead of cowering … no wonder the SocDem media is all in a tizzy.

    The SocDem media is happy to report on Establishment GOPers not attending the convention, which they consider a fracture in the party. I say who cares … they’re relics of a cowering GOP past, but they’re failing to cover a negative SocDem reality.

    I was disappointed in Cruz tacit endorsement of Trump, which he gave in his speech. The values that Ted spoke of only are represented on the Republican side. Freedom, Family Values, reverence for the Constitution will never be part of the SocDem message.

    The Elephant in the room is the fracture of the Democrat Party. Gays do not feel safe and there is a healthy distrust and loathing of Hillary Clinton by many Democrats. Voters who will never vote Clinton, and Trump will pick off who knows how many of them. Sanders endorsed Clinton, then several days later does not mention her at an appearance. Is that SocDem unity?

    You know its bad for SocDems when Trump says the media has done more research his wife’s speech than they have done on Hillary’s email and other scandals.

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