SGA passes bill allowing for suspension of VP

SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi reviews the terms of her proposed suspension. | Nguyen Le/The Cougar

Senators handed the right to suspend SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi to President Shane Smith, who will announce his sanctions by 5 p.m. Friday. | Nguyen Le/The Cougar

Amid concerns about the organization’s accountability from students and senators, the SGA Senate passed a bill Wednesday that allows for Vice President Rohini Sethi to be suspended for her controversial words on social media.

The bill, SGAB-5304, passed with 13 votes of approval, two against and one abstaining. It gives President Shane Smith a one-time power to sanction Sethi.

Smith will announce his sanctions by 5 p.m. Friday.

The Senate discussed the final draft of the bill for less than 15 minutes. They spent two and a half hours discussing a resolution that would have placed Sethi on a 45-day suspension and required her to attend a program through Libra Project, a Houston-based diversity workshop.

The SGA Constitution’s bylaws state that any leave of absence from a stipend position for longer than three weeks is not paid.  According to the Senate resolution, if Sethi did not complete the workshop to the organization’s satisfaction, the Senate would again vote on whether to impeach her.

Smith disagreed with the proposed resolution. He instead suggested enacting a bill that would grant him the power to suspend Sethi and determine her sanctions, which is a similar proposal to what the Senate eventually passed. 

Undergraduate Senator-at-Large Paul O’Brien objected to the passed resolution, stating his concern about presidential abuse of power.

“We just gave him the one-time power to fire the only people in that office that could tell him no, which could last a day or the entire administration,” said O’Brien. “(The Senate has) power, and we just got undermined.”

All other items on the agenda were moved to a special session next Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Senate Chamber. 

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  • All Lives Matter … controversial words? Come on?

    We all know that Black Lives Matter only when a White Cop is doing the killing.

    Never mind the thousands shot and wounded this year, with going on 400 killed … and that’s just Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

    Is the SGA Prez and his Minions made up of wimpy Republicans, cowering to minute mob of BLM protesters?

    I wonder what Prezi Smith’s sanctions will be?
    – Mandatory Black sensitivity training.
    – Mandatory attendance of a “Cower to the Black Word” class for non-Blacks, at a local BLM summer camp.
    – Mandatory placement in a pillory in front of the library, so she can be pelted with obscenities and rotten fruit & veg by BLM protesters.

    The outrage here is phony, and the SGA is falling for it. It would be even worse if Rohini had white skin.

    • You are very right. In the 8 years I have lived in my place, we have had 3 murders, multiple robberies, including one where they beat up people working on a home, someone robbed at gunpoint while walking their dog, a carjacking, someone running into a house after stealing a car, someone chasing another person, because they honked the horn at them for running a light( they threatened to kill her and pulled out a gun) and a police raid. There might have been more crimes, that I’m not aware of. Guess what race did all of this? Who has killed more cops this year? What race? BLM is a joke built on a lie. I wish she would have the balls to just say ” F you” to all of them. Have some integrity and stand your ground against these losers.

        • OMG!! Your called me ” ignorant.” How original. Guess, I spoke the truth. Funny, how you didn’t tell me what was ignorant, boo. ScrewblacklivesmattertheydontmatterbecausetheyarelowIQlosers….

  • I guess you have to be affiliated with a SJW group to keep a comment on this site. Mine suggesting they had overstepped their bounds with the sanctions was removed.

  • As a graduate from UH, I have never been so sad to see what now passes for higher education. Yet another example of how free speech and open debate are no longer important values. It’s sad when students are punished and silenced when they don’t chant the social justice mantra. I guess UH is now a center of indoctrination rather than education.

  • SGA is ignorant of, or arrogantly indifferent to, civil rights of its victim. Here is some good advice: when in a hole, stop digging. No arm of the government (that would be you) can lawfully punish a citizen for expressing a political opinion. You may be and should be all named defendants in the federal suit that you cannot win. Google never forgets.

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