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Students, guests and senators debate morality of #RemoveRohini at SGA meeting

WEB-Kadidja Koné- Trey Strange 8.3.16

Kadidja Koné, president of the Black Students Union, spoke before SGA about her concerns regarding SGA’s reaction to the social media controversy. | Trey Strange/The Cougar

CORRECTION: Due to some confusion, an earlier version of this article claimed that press were forced to leave the room. Actually, the SGA exempted press from their motion to remove non-University affiliates from the room.

The Student Government Association Senate could not finish voting on its first bill of the night.

Nearly five hours into SGA’s Wednesday night meeting, the Senate realized so many of its senators had left that the congress broke quorum. The meeting adjourned with five new appointments to the judicial branch and an Attorney General and Chief of Staff in the executive branch.

Many spectators and speakers remained frustrated by the fallout from the movement to remove SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi from office.

“This isn’t just something that you slap somebody on the wrist for,” said communications junior Destinie Holiday. “We’re addressing systematic racism, institutional racism, and many other things. Why is it that it took this for you to recognize and hear our voices? Why is it that this had to go all over the news or become a hashtag for African Americans to be heard on this campus?”

Enough students, administrators and other spectators packed the Senate Chamber that the fire marshal forced some people to stand outside the doors. To make room for UH students, the Senate started its meeting by passing a motion to expel any non-University affiliated parties and press from the chamber. After some confusion, press was allowed to stay in the room.

Many spectators hoped to see the Senate rescind the bill it passed on the July 27 meeting that allowed SGA President Shane Smith to sanction Sethi. They voiced concern for Sethi’s First Amendment right to free speech at a public university and for the bill’s legitimacy under the SGA constitution.

“Saying that I’m allowed to be physically and culturally diverse but being intellectually diverse is a no-go is the basis of every totalitarian government in history,” said Matthew Wiltshire, a history senior and former justice who resigned last month over the controversy. “What you did during the last meeting was fundamentally wrong. I have lots of letters from people saying they are withdrawing donations to this University. I got one from a guy who donated $50,000 last year.”

WEB-SGA Senate Meeting-Trey Strange 8.3.16

The Senate Chamber reached capacity Wednesday night, moving senators to remove press and anyone not affiliated with the University. | Trey Strange/The Cougar

In an effort to throw out Smith’s sanctions for Sethi, the Internal Affairs committee suggested Speaker Pro Tempore Leen Basharat was an illegitimate presiding officer. This would make illegitimate any bill, such as the one that allowed for the sanctions, passed under her.

The Senate voted to remove Basharat, then Smith attempted to reinstate former Speaker of the Senate Hugo Salinas as Speaker. When a judge watching the meeting via live stream said he thought the proceedings to remove Basharat were illegal, Smith suggested she simply continue as Speaker for the remainder of the meeting.

Andrew Bahlmann, former Chief of Staff under the current SGA administration, urged the senators and executive branch to act more professionally and to better organize their efforts.

“How many of you senators have read the bylaws and the constitution? How many of the execs have?” Bahlmann said. “Because, frankly, the last three weeks scare me. You’re an organization that has so much power. I’ve gone to every single meeting, and what I don’t see is a unit. I don’t see a team, and that scares me. Right now, this meeting is an exact example of what not to do.”

Kadidja Koné, the marketing sophomore and president of the Black Student Union who has been a frequent advocate for Sethi’s removal, said she respects Rohini as an engineer and “woman of color” but cannot allow the issue to go unpunished.

“The freedom of speech is not what is being questioned or punished,” Koné said. “The problem is: If you represent me, I expect you to understand my struggle, and I expect you to be correct. Do I believe that she’s a racist person? Absolutely not. But do I believe she was an accurate representative of me when she put that post out? No. I gave her my vote. When you no longer can represent your student body, you should not be in office.”

The Senate confirmed the appointments of five alternate justices to the SGA Supreme Court. One of the new justices is MBA candidate Charles Haston, who was SGA president two years ago during the 51st administration.

“I took time off from work and hopped on a plane (to be here) because this organization needs some help,” Haston said. “This has been a rough month for this organization. Clearly this organization needs a little leadership, and I hope that I can provide that on the court.”

The Senate approved Management information systems junior Robert Comer for the Chief of Staff position and political science sophomore Danielle Niangar as Attorney General. Communications junior Seth Crawford, management information systems junior Chris LaMonte and juris doctor candidates Meagan Gann and Dennis Nall were all appointed as alternate justices.

For 20 minutes, the Senate discussed a bill titled “Accountability of Paid Positions,” which would give the SGA Supreme Court sole ability to impose sanctions on other members of SGA. In the middle of voting procedures, the Senate lost quorum, which is the minimum number of senators required to be present to vote on any motions or bills. The meeting adjourned soon after.

The next SGA Senate Meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. next Wednesday in the Senate Chamber.

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  • “The freedom of speech is not what is being questioned or punished,” Koné said. “The problem is: If you represent me, I expect you to understand my struggle, and I expect you to be correct. …”

    Wow. This is an incredibly childish argument. Ms. Sethi is not your exclusive, personal representative in the SGA who must align 100% with your beliefs. She represents students who support BLM, students who oppose BLM (yes, one can object to BLM on non-racist grounds), and students who don’t care one way or the other. Your demand that Ms. Sethi be “punished” for having an opinion you disapprove of is tyrannical and un-American.

    And how exactly do you “expect” Ms. Sethi to “understand [your] struggle”? That is literally an impossible demand. I’m assuming, of course, that no person has the ability to read another person’s mind, much less perfectly empathize with his or her experiences. Prove me wrong Ms. Koné. 😉

    This whole kerfluffle is precisely about damning a fellow student for exercising her right to free speech, which is an absolute disgrace for any form of “government” in a free society. SGA members should all be ashamed of your cowardice.

    • She doesn’ t sound too intelligent. I love how we only have to recognize the struggles of blacks. Like no other race, or group has had to struggle, or is struggling now. Honey, you are going to be struggling even more, because I’m notrying giving any money ever again. Funny how this chick is thinking this poor girl did something wrong, but I bet she is all for letting drug users out of prision, right? It”s about blacks having power and control over everyonemail else and makING people scared to disagree with them.

      • “She [Sethi] isn’t a martyr for free speech. She’s a kid who made a mistake and didn’t apologize for it. She tried to do damage control and it didn’t work.

        She should have apologized because we live in the real world, and our actions and speech have consequences. I would love to live in a world where everyone is ok with everyone else’s opinions, but I don’t live there. I have to keep certain things to myself because if I don’t, I could lose my job or be crushed under the weight of social shame.

        Had she have apologized she wouldn’t have been publicly lambasted and shamed. It would have been over quickly and the university wouldn’t have been embarrassed like it is now.” – Eduardo

        • You have some serious problems. Please get some help. People like you are causing me to vote for Trump. You know that person who says things you don”t like, which is much more horrible than doing wrong things and being a criminal to morons like you.

        • So, saying ” Forget BLM, ALM ” after cops died was a mistake? Honey, if you were intelligent you would see that not only is BLM racist, but that she meant the group and not the race. Funny how people like you don’t see that and makes excuses for BLM. They have said ” forget cop’s loves” and ” forget white lives” numerous times and were not punished. On one campus they busted into a library and pushed white kids against the wall and yelled racial slurs. Guess what? They were not punished even though it was on tape. I find what the girl above said offensive, so shouldn’t she be punished by your uneducated, flawed logic? Who decides what is wrong to say? The majority? Well, that worked really well for Germany. This isn’t North Korea. We can say what we want and contrary to what fools like you thing, it is protected; especially, when other people have done and said things and were not punished. It’s called a ” lawsuit,” based on discrimination. Hate to tell you that! So, because people are insecure and can’t handle the truth, we should just tell them what they want to hear and agree with them? You really don’t come across as very intelligent. You must be a member of SGA, or BLM. She is not the reason the university is embarrassed. Fools like you are!

          • Your spot on. These people are idiots. They can’t handle the truth so they want to whine about it and how it offends them while their big disrespectful mouths offend me everyday.

          • So when people say “Black Lives Matter,” that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter; it just means all lives matter, but right now the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents.

            This isn’t a matter of us comparing the value of lives. This is recognizing that there is a particular burden that is being placed on a group of our fellow citizens. And we should care about that. We can’t dismiss it. We can’t dismiss it.

            • Blacks people are more vulnerable,because they don’t follow the law and have attitudes when stopped by cops;especially, non-black ones. They have a superior attitude and think they should be allowed to break the law. There is no burden place on them. There is a burden places on me, because each month I have to come up with money to pay for my alarm to protect myself from all the crime in my neighborhood, all committed by black men and boys. We can’t dismiss that. We should care about that. BTW, MORE WHITE ARE KILLED BY COPS;ESPECIALLY, MINORITY COPS!! I know the truth does not fit your false narrative.

            • There are statistics that show more whites are killed by police. Blacks account for more of the crime based on percentage of population.

        • I have to agree. If you live in the spotlight as a public representative, the accountability bar is higher than if you’re just a student. SGA members have a duty to be judicious and sensitive to current events. Sethi should have not only apologized, but asked for forgiveness. What she did was impulsive and wrong-headed. Public officials do not have the luxury of acting insultingly in word or deed and then expect to hide behind some moronic “free speech” excuse. Free speech also comes with a duty to exercise it responsibly. Not just shoot your mouth off on a very sensitive topic — unless you’re Trump, in which case, everyone knows you’re just a wack-o starved for attention and will say the most obnoxious things to get it.

          • She was representing all students by saying ” All Lives Matter.” Blacks aren’t the largest majority there, so why would she say, ” Black Lives Matter?” She didn’t say anything wrong. Funny how people act like she killed someone, because she said something you don’t like and want her head on a platter, but yet you forgive black criminals;especially, when killed by a non-black cop. Why is that? Your logic and reason is very flawed. ” Free Speech” is moronic and a excuse? Well, you are saying a lot of inflammatory. stuff, so shouldn’t you be punished? Honey, she is not a public official, you moron. Funny how losers like you only want to punish people when they say something you don’t agree with, but it’s okay for you to say whatever you want. Funny how you want to punish people for what they say, but not what they do. It seems like you are the whack job who craves attention just like the rest of your BLM family. I have noticed that none of you are good-looking, so this is probably why you guys and gals are so starved for attention.

            • No, she was ttrying to erase the message. That how censorship works. If you don’t like the conversation, change the conversation, or mock the people trying to have it — because those are such useful ways to help end oppression and injustice. Just accuse anyone who complains about it, they’re wrong. Because that works so well.

              • hahahaha. Honey, there is not freaking injustice, or oppression in this country. Maybe, you should go to the African continent and Asia, to see real oppression and injustice. You are the one trying to censor people. I don’t really think you know what ” mocking” is. She did not make a thoughtless remark. Its you who is being thoughtless. She made that remark after officers were killed by a racist and you and few other racists decided that wasn’t important. Do you mean,” choose?” Maybe, you should go back to 2nd grade and learn proper grammar. Um, she is freaking Indian, honey, so I think it’s you who is not celebrating her diversity. Funny how diversity means black to people like you. You never complain when there aren’t enough non-blacks, or when a black person says something racist against a non-black. Why is that?

                • Sadly, your comments reflect the mindset of the very social injustice being addressed. These people, like you, belive it does not exist because when anyone points it out they are considered wrong and mocked. Thank you for demonstrating what social injustice sounds like. Diversity means diversity. It includes students of all backgrounds. yet, when black students try to make their case, they are singled out by people like you for being wrong for doing so, and when anyone defends their right to do so, they too are recriminated. Pretending social injustice does not exist is exactly why it flourishes unchecked as it does. Thank you for sharing and giving a voice to it and an example. You seem to think social injustice is a monolith somewhere “over there,” In reality it occurs in various shades and in various ways. In America, it occurs in various forms, including denigrating blacks for daring to speak up.

                  • Honey, you are a moron. You really are. It’s funny how you can’t give me any examples of all the injustice you seem to think you face. Let’s talk about the whites being singled out in Milwaukee. Did you hear about that? Probably not. They were beat up and one guy was shot in the neck just for being white. That is social injustice, boo. You have everything to be successful, you really need to stop blaming whites for every God damn thing. How do you pay for college? Bet you are getting Pell grants, right? Honey, please stop whining and playing victim. It’s getting really old. I’m not singling anyone out. I want freaking evidence. Funny how you say that about black students, but not about this chick. You did the same thing to her and you do it to whites. Why is that okay. I’m getting sick of listening to the constant whining and blaming. I could care less if you think it’s racist. Please give me examples of how blacks are denigrated for daring to speak up. Maybe, it’s because what you are saying is BS that you can’t back up. I will tell you what. If a black person ever does something to you and I’m on the jury, I will find him innocent. Is that cool with you? How is that for social justice? You seem to think if you use big words that makes you smart, but you don’t even use them correctly, because of your crappy education. Maybe, spend more time on your brain and less time on blaming whites for everything and being a racist.

                    • Thank you, again, for making my points. Please continue to denigrate others. It’s so useful in showing what racism sounds like. I could pile on evidence and you would attack it without even knowing what you’re talking about, which is just a form of denial. You’re locked into a bubble of denial which does not allow evidence. You can’t even recognize your own ongoing denigration of people speaking out against social injustice. You’re the kind of person who has no ability to see past his own limited viewpoint and anyone who noticed it is immediately called “moron” or “stupid,” or is somehow shamed. You don’t even see your own sickness. Oh, let’s not talk about the “whites” in Milwaukee. Let’s talk about how a law like Stand Your Ground came into being in Florida then spread to other states; a law which caused a black unarmed teeanger to be shot which launched the BLM movement. Who came up with that law? Was it black people? No. Was it white voters? No. Who came up with it? Get back to me when you’ve figured it out. Hint: the same people who came up with Voter ID laws which disenfranchised thousands of black voters and have since been ruled unconstitutional. You’re in a bubble and don’t even know it. Here’s another hint: both of those laws are examples of what are called “model legislation” hand crafted by a group of corporations, then passed along by state lawmakers — all of whom were white and Republican. The documented evidence is abundantly clear. Want proof? Try and look up the bills and look at who introduced them and when. And you think social injustice doesn’t exist. You’re soaking in it and don’t even know it. We’re done here.

          • Please tell me what she said that was hatred or racist. That is the problem now. Anyone who has a disagreeing opinion is called racist, hate monger, and everything else. Get over it and smell the coffee. The real world is not going to care if you get offended. Why is it fine for “Black Lives Matter” to spill out their racist talk ?
            Those who say it does not relate to freedom of speech are wrong. Go watch a few “Seinfeld” shows. Everyone gets insulted. But no one complained. It was a top rated show and is still wildly popular. Colleges and universities are not primary schools. Wake up.

            • Again, as I point out, a VP of an SGA is duty bound to be careful what comes out of her mouth in a public forum. You can excuse it all you like, but YOU are not the VP. And she has already attempted her mea culpa, although I thought it a weak one. Not everything that comes out of a person’s mouth when they represent 40,000 students is or will be considered acceptable; that being the case, tact and diplomacy are highly useful skills to avoid just firing off one’s thoughts as if no one is listening. If you don’t understand the concept of tact and public civility as part of a very public student leader’s toolkit, I can’t help you.

              • Thanks for the reply. If someone gives their opinion about something, then others including myself then have the right to give their opinion. If someone wants to give their opinion about BLM, then anyone, including the university head, has the right to give theirs.
                Best of luck in your college time and future careers.

                • There are, again, let me point out DIFFERENT standards applied. A VP of an SGA is not an ordinary person. She is an elected representative of an entire student body and is therefore held to a much higher standard when it comes to public “opinions” of an issue. It’s not as black and white as you imagine. She ceased being an ordinary student able to express an unpopular opinion with out consequences when she accepted her role. Now she belongs to the student body — 24/ 7 so long as she remains in office. People in the public spotlight do not have the luxury of just spouting off whenever they please; that is not how it works. If that is what they want to do, they should not be in a position to act as a “representative” of 40,000 students with a very diverse population who represent very different views. If she cannot show diplomacy and civility given her elected position of trust, she should choose to resign. Otherwise, she should learn some grace and tact. That is not difficult to comprehend.

                  • She didn’t say anything wrong, but you are, so shouldn’t you get punished for all the lies your are spewing and slandering of her character? You are freaking acting like she is President, boo. Please get over yourself and maybe go see a therapist. Her opinion was popular among the majority of the student, so you are contradicting yourself. What makes the black students superior to all others? Maybe, if you hate non-blacks so much, you should go to a racist all black school and find a country where there are little to no whites?

                    • Again; she is a VP. There are standards. It’s simple. Try to wrap your brain around it. No one said anything about “hate” being “superior” “spewing,” etc. Those are YOUR words. Do you know how to read your own words? Why would it upset you so much to find that a VP cannot just say whatever she pleases? Do you not belive in accountability in a student leader? Should she be allowed to say the things you’re saying? Would you be ok with that, too? Should she, let’s imahgine, tell the black students (of which UH student body is over 50%) that if they don’t like what she said THEY should go to an all black school. Would you be okay with that?

                    • Honey, please give me all the names of the people who disagree with her. I’ve seen the polls and all the opinions on social media and almost everyone agrees with her. Yes, she should be allowed to say the things I’m saying. What did I say that was wrong. You are saying things and you seem to think that is okay, but you can’t seem to handle when someone speaks the truth, or doesn’t agree with you, or asks you for proof. Why is that? Yes, if they don’t like it, then go to a black school. Why should everyone walk on egg shells around blacks and no one else? Why should blacks be able to scream” black lives matter,” ” white privilege” and everything else and not get punished for it, but everyone else does? You turn around everyone’s words and take everything out of context, because you just aren’t very intelligent and can’t win any other way. It’s quite sad. You aren’t going to make it in the real world, boo.

                  • Thanks for the reply. Who decides if it is unpopular? And by how much?
                    If .05 % are going to get their little feelings hurt, how about the rest of the people ? I am not sure that a quality of leadership is saying and doing what is popular. That is not what I want in our elected officials. Maybe that is the way it is at colleges today. But that is not honest and truth. It is also not the real world.

                    • African Americans make more than 50% of the student body at UH. Ours is a very diverse student population and we like it that way. Their “little feelings,” as you so condescendingly put it, should matter very much to those who expect to be elected by them. They are also educated and very aware of current events.

                    • I wouldn’t call going to UH being ” educated.” They take anyone;especially, if you are a minority. Let’s be honest. I don’t think you realize this, but 1/4 is only 25 percent. Who makes up the 75 percent? They are the majority boo and they matter the most. Why do you think blacks matter more than anyone else and should be allowed to hate non-blacks and punish them if they don’t agree with what they say, or if they don’t kiss their butts?

                    • You seem to think “whites” make up the other 75% and therefore only their voice should matter because it is a “majority.” That is both incorrect and a bizarre assessment. A quarter of a population of 40,000 students makes up a sizable portion; the remainder are a mixture of Caucasians, Arab, Asian and Latino and “other.” FYI, among our faculty, we have several members who are members of the National Academy of Sciences, to name just one of many, many distinctions. We are also a Phi Beta Kappa campus, of which fewer than 300 other campuses nationally can claim this extremely distinguished honor. And if you ask Rice students, (Rice is sometimes known as The Harvard of the Southwest,) many of whom take courses at UH, they will be the first to tell you, the classes are tougher in many subjects. You obviously know nothing about the university for which you bear such mindless contempt.

                    • Really? I think whites make up the majority? Can you show me where I said that, boo? I actually asked you who makes up the majority. You aren’t coming across as very intelligent. If all those groups make up the rest of the 75 percent, why should what blacks think matter most than any other group? Why would Rice students take classes at UH? You would never be able to make it at another school. You don’t even know proper grammar. You are going to have a really hard time in the real world.It’s obvious you don’t like whites and are angry at them, when in reality you should be angry at yourself. This is why other groups have done so much better. They don’t blame others, don’t play victim and don’t constantly bully others into agreeing with them. She did nothing wrong.Period!! The people going after her did something wrong and showed zero compassion for those cops killed.

                  • So, I guess you are going to move if Trump becomes President, or are you going to spend every day of your life protesting him? Honey, it wasn’t an unpopular opinions. Almost all of the student body agreed with her. Maybe, you should find an all black college, or country? Maybe, you should learn some grace and tact? She didn’t do anything wrong. Can’t wait to you are punished for saying something. I really can’t. Once again you keep contradicting yourself. You said ,” 40,000 students with a very diverse population who represent different views.” Well, why should she just say what blacks want to hear then? You are a moron. This is why you couldn’t make it at a better college.

            • Having listened to some BLM leaders often discussing institutional social injustice in a way that often goes over the heads of those committing it. Also, there’s a definable quality of racism inherent among those who insist (because its a largely black movement) that they are somehow trouble makers. These same accusers forget that among the BLM members there are many whites who support what BLM is protesting. The institutional racism not only exists, it’s quantifiable, so there is no actual debate among those who understand it. It’s only between those who do, and those who refuse to accept it — principally because they want to see it continue. They tend to target pretty much any black leader as their so-called “proof” that BLM or institutional racism does not exist, completely ignoring the fact that by doing so, they are engaging in the very behavior they claim does not exist. One cannot try to victimize others and then claim he is not doing so. Reality doesn’t work that way. Not sure what a TV show has to do with anything. Those are fictional characters following a script for entertainment value.

              • Thanks for the reply. The BLM has some good goals, but negates them when they threaten, push people around, grab microphones (Sanders), block traffic, stop business, threaten people, and disrupt. This has brought disrespect and disfavor. There are organizations that work and improve peoples’ lives without resorting to any of that: Habitat For Humanity, United Way, Make a Wish, Rotary Clubs, Shriners, and Samaritans Purse.

                • I would suggest watching other BLM leaders on things like talk shows, rather than find a few examples of what you consider bad behavior and try not to paint an entire class and movements by the actions of a few. And, incidentally in the Bernie example you cited, did you notice, he stepped aside and let them speak. He obviously did not “disrespect” what they had to say. None of the orgs, you mention are dealing with institutional racism and victimization of the type BLM is protesting. Also, none of the groups you cite engage in direct action. There is a major difference in terms of missions and agendas: MAW deals with terminally ill children; UW is an umbrella org with many goals and franchises, including disaster relief; HFH deals with housing among the poor; Rotary Clubs is business-oriented; Shriners — more children. BLM is fairly unique, but extremely focused on black issues stemming from institutional racism which is an issue. and none of the violence committed by rouges who attached themselves to BLM protests has been condoned by the leaders. It helps if you watch what they actually do instead on pile on the pre-conceived notions based on loose interpretations of media reports. Most of the people thinking BLM is harmful are the same people wishing Black people would just stay in their place and shuffle along. Those days are over.

        • I respect your opinion and right to say what you want, even if I disagree with it.
          What we have here is pc gone to seed. The Constitution does not give anyone the right to not be insulted or questioned.
          When some of these students get out into the real world, they will be in for a shock. Employers, courts, government agencies, and others are not going to worry if someone gets their feelings hurt. It’s life
          Deal with it.
          If someone was saying things about white people, well, that would not be a problem for a lot of these people.
          Too many students arrive at the colleges and universities thinking the world is going to bend to them, and their life will be made to order.

  • Koné,
    If Vice President Joe Biden had been elected by democrats and he suddenly became a republican once in office, even that would not be grounds on which president Obama could remove him from office. The truth is, the only legal process by which the Vice President– or any member of the executive branch –can be removed from office, is by impeachment, when the member in question has been accused of an actual crime. The president has no legal authority to remove the V.P. Period.

  • You must “be correct,” and civil rights and the Constitutional protection for those rights be damned. This is a university? These are adults?

  • Ms. Sergio did nothing wrong. All lives do matter, but for some reason if you say that you are racist. I feel like many of the people that support BLM are racist themselves. You don’t have to be white to be racist. In my opinion and those of the majority, the whole BLM started by African American thugs getting killed because they didn’t follow the laws of this land and they get no sympathy from me. I turn the tv on every day and if there’s a shooting, burglary, home invasion, etc. whose face is standing front and center on that tv screen???? I’ll tell you who, it’s the African American thug. You want to live in this country, work hard for the things you want, raise your kids right, and be a productive citizen, I and the majority of citizens will treat you with respect and we won’t have any problems. However, you want to be a big mouthed troll, disrespectful, leeching off the American taxpayer, pointing your fingers at the whites because we are racist and you didn’t live up to a fraction of your potential because of us, then your a pathetic nobody who will get nowhere in this life ever. Pull your heads out of your rear ends and realize the problem starts with you. Clean up those neighborhoods, hold your children both small adult accountable, realize you get nothing in life unless you work for it, and do something for this country. You do that and you will see a huge change in bahavior.

    • According to various studies — not just one, but a wide range of studies that have been carried out over a number of years — African Americans are 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over. After being pulled over, African Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched. Last year, African Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites. African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites. African American defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.

      • Can you show actual proof of this and where you get your info? If this is true, do you think it’s, because they tend not to follow the laws? Also, can you show me examples of a white person and a black person who have committed the same crime, have the same lawyer, in the same city, etc.,have the same record and have gotten different sentences? If this is true why did all the black criminals shot by cops have so many arrests, but weren’t in jail? Also, it’s pretty sad that you are mad, because you think white criminals get less time than blacks. Shouldn’t you just be happy that any criminal is in jail #dumbpeoplelogic.

        • I think you need to learn how to do your own research to show something that disproves what your opponent claims. It’s really obnoxious to dare someone to prove a thing when you have obviously not lifted a finger to understand the topic at hand. There are many, many academic journals addressing this issue. I suggest you find a good reference librarian at a good research institution and avail yourselves of them FIRST, before trying to be combative.

          • No, if you are claiming something then you should be able to back it up. By your logic, I can say you killed someone and go to the police, without any evidence and demand you be arrested and thrown into jail, right? You would be okay with that, right? Do you really think I care if an uneducated loser like you thinks I’m ” obnoxious?” Do you mean” yourself?” I would suggest you learn to speak proper English and learn proper grammar. Notice you didn’t answer any of my questions, like usual. BLM is a joke based on a lie, so I pretty much do understand them.

            • By my logic you challenged you opponent to “prove” a thing without offering the very thing you accuse your opponent of not having. I would advise you to come to the table armed with YOUR own evidence to support your contrary view rather than expect an opponent to do your legwork. I also judge debates at high schools. What you’re doing is trying to place the onus of proof on your opponent because you are empty-handed. In the debates I judge that would get you disqualified. But this is not a refereed debate so consider this free advise.

              • What? Boo, you make no sense..hahaha. Honey, you claimed something first, so you should back it up boo. Um, you keep contradicting yourself. You said that you don’t need evidence, so I brought up the police and asking you if I could go to them without any evidence and you are pretty much agreeing with me and proving I’m right, but you are far too dumb to realize this. Really, you judge debates? Okay, so tell me at what school and give me evidence. I think you are an unemployed nothing who goes on message boards , because you don’t go out and you have zero friends. Now, I’m done with you, because you are ignorant and not very intelligent and this is getting old. Bye, boo.

  • Having last been on the UH campus in 1968, this is hard to read. Harder to stomach. There was a time when the school was a real place to learn, to grow intellectually. What is so tragically funny is all these lofty names, grandiose positions, immature and selfish kids playing dress up. President? Chief of Staff? Attorney General? Really? Hope you kids are all planning on getting faculty jobs or DNC work.
    Information systems? Don’t bring your race based agenda group think out here to the real world. Out here, there are unions, professional associations, corporations where we deal with investors, executives, customers, clients, government officials in international business who live and work in cultures where your racist, overly sensitive, knee-jerk ideology could cost a business a contract, or money or hard earned reputation. Play your games, but out here, playtime is over.

    • UH is now more reminiscent of East Berlin? Where if you speak out against the State (i.e. – BLM, Progressive Thought) … you are punished or hounded into submission.

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