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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Hot Topic: Trump’s immigration policy

There are over 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., and that number seems to be growing.

The Cougar’s opinion editor wrote about his thoughts regarding Donald Trump’s immigration speech. For this week’s “Hot Topic,” let’s see what our contributors think about the mogul’s decision for no amnesty and whether there are other feasible solutions.

Opinion columnist Marialuisa Rincon

After much (public) internal debate, Trump has decided that he will, in fact, deport all undocumented immigrants and prevent future immigrants from becoming citizens.

Why shouldn’t there be a chance for everyone to become a U.S. citizen? I should clarify that I’m not delusional — I know that there are bad people that come here with intentions to steal, defraud and break the law.

Case-to-case deportation is an example of the many options other than blanket amnesty or deportation. There will always be bad people. They have to go.

Instead of shutting everyone out and punishing those who risked their lives to make it in, let’s become an inclusive society. Live up to the supposed American dream where anyone who is willing to work for it can better themselves.

Opinion columnist Jorden Smith

People incorrectly assume that Trump didn’t begin to pivot with his latest immigration speech.

Maybe it was the crowd’s insistence on clapping at the non-policy answers, the fact that people assume Donald Trump won’t pivot, or that Trump gives every speech in the same yelling tone.

The speech was policy-driven, and, though I am not Trump’s biggest fan, the policy was good but the optics were terrible. He even pivoted from his own “deportation,” and said, “The truth is, the central issue is not the needs of the 11 million illegal immigrants.”

It is a brilliant move to reframe the issue.

He advocated for his own plan and focused more on border security, which falls more in line with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s plans than his initial. This wasn’t a “hard-line stance” (unless you’re a progressive who thinks that anything less than amnesty is hard-line), It was a silent pivot.

Kudos to Trump.

Opinion columnist Odus Evbagharu

Trump is at it again with his daily flip-flop on immigration.

One week he said he will be “softening” his stance on immigration and seemed “presidential” in Mexico. Hours later, he delivered a fire-and-brimstone speech in Arizona about how Mexico will pay for the wall and there will be no path to citizenship (unless you go back to the country you originated from).

There was no softening — just the same rhetoric he’s been spewing for a year and a half now. Basically, no amnesty for any undocumented immigrants living in this country. This is not a good idea.

There are too many hardworking people who don’t have their papers and are trying to work toward that. They are honestly trying to make a better living situation for their families in the land of opportunity.

We need to help undocumented immigrants instead of painting them as criminals. In fact, they commit fewer violent crimes than an average American do.

We can help those who are here and abiding by the laws of the constitution. Make it easier to become a citizen. We should pass laws that help protect undocumented immigrants and send back the criminals.

Opinion columnist John Brucato

Trump’s stance on immigration is complicated and difficult to decipher.  I am not sure that anyone could simply agree or disagree with his stance.

In terms of no amnesty for illegal immigrants that commit crimes, I would agree that they need to be detained and deported. In terms of deporting law-abiding illegals, I would disagree. To seek out and capture all illegal immigrants would waste valuable tax-payer resources.

Current law-abiding illegal immigrants are already a part of the U.S. economy, it would make more sense, economically, to give them working papers, tax them like citizens and help them along the legalization process.  They would not be eligible to receive social security or Obamacare until they obtain their respective citizenship.

Looking forward, legalization into the U.S. does need reform and not a Band-Aid fix.

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