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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Staff editorial: Use the METRORail

The PurpleFile photo/The Cougar

There are two light-rail stops located on campus for students to use when leaving campus. | File photo/The Cougar

Since opening in 2004, METRORail projects have had to rely heavily on federal funding to be built in Houston, the energy capital of the world where oil and gas companies dominate.

Even so, the light rail has managed to expand to three different lines that run North, East and Southeast from downtown.

METRORail is determined to expand with a fourth line under construction and a fifth line planned.
So many people don’t use the light rail to easily commute to work, school or just experience our inner city.

Construction has marred our highways with congestion, pollution and road rage that can easily be avoided. Using public transit, and in turn reducing the number of cars on the road, can alleviate transportation issues that a growing city tend to have.

Students can, and should, start doing the latter now. There are two METRORail stops just off of campus and several bus stops that pass through them. Students and faculty should consider switching to some form of public transit, especially the METRORail.

Students can get METRO Q Cards on myUH to receive a discount; pay half rather than the regular fare. This is an opportunity not readily available to the general public.

Also, with myUH, there is no need to print out a lot of paperwork, go to METRO’s headquarters on Main Street, spend 20 or more minutes in line analyzing how a customer-staff interaction can quckly sprial out of hand

This incentive gives students another reason to save money, especially for those who rely on just public transit for daily commutes.

The whole point of METRO is to make life easier for people who live within its area of service by providing relatively cheap public transportation. It makes no sense to discard a resource like the METRORail that connects you to the rest of Houston if you live on or near campus.

Students can experience some of the best parts of Houston by riding the METRORail.

From the theater district to Minute Maid Park, there is plenty to see and do at the center of the city.

The light rail is highly sustainable compared to motor vehicles; its all-electric nature means it does not emit carbon monoxide like cars. The positive impact of choosing the METRORail over a personal vehicle can make a positive impact on our environment.

Motor vehicles produce one-third of all U.S. air pollution. As one of the busiest and fastest-growing cities in the nation, Houston plays a huge role adding to the impact of pollution on Earth.

We must all consider the switch to public transit.

Do your part and consider taking the light rail next time you need to get somewhere in Houston.

Not only can you help to reduce Houston’s carbon footprint, you can also save some time and money that would have been better spent elsewhere other than the 4 p.m. traffic.

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