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Friday, June 2, 2023


My support isn’t needed for Trump to do his job

There just isn’t any way around it. After much denial, and even some tears, I am ready for what lies ahead.

My reaction piece to Donald Trump’s victory was a bit overdone, mostly because it was written two days before he won. I honestly didn’t think I would be publishing that version of what unfolded last night.

No, there is no pending apocalypse coming. There is just a country that is obviously divided after a stunning election. We still must come together and face our decision head on. That is an important part we have to remember.

We are here because that is what we decided as a country.

Deserve a chance?

Please don’t feel bad for me: The Cubs didn’t lose the World Series, I’m alive and I’m a happy U.S. citizen with a couple of semesters left until graduation. Sure, I have brown skin and my name is actually Francisco Campos, but, compared to some others, I will be just fine.

I worry about the possibilities of a Trump presidency and cringe at those Republicans who say to give him a chance. People have been giving him a chance since his father lent him $1 million.

Now, Trump is president-elect, and we have seen nothing but a history of bad decisions, bankruptcy and people left behind as he goes to the top. Now, he will be our commander-in-chief in a little over two months.

I witnessed over eight years of Republican voters and politicians demonize President Barack Obama from the moment he decided to run to the second he got into office. Obama was a polarizing candidate who pushed equality and justice for minorities.

For this, they tore Obama apart. Now, those same people are asking others to wait and see on Trump.

You are just fooling yourself if you think Trump won’t, at some point, revert back to the man we all know he is. He will. Maybe not tomorrow, or in two months, but I fear that he will eventually make us all regret the moment we decided to give him a chance.

My cautious approach to Trump doesn’t mean I am ready to revolt or give up on life. I am just a minority in a world that keeps telling me it wants to be white. While that doesn’t make everyone racists or bigots, it doesn’t change the fact that we elected one.

Fifty-three percent of white women voted for Trump even as he is being investigated for sexual assault, has admitted to grabbing women by their genitals and has zero respect for women and what should be their basic rights.

Sixty-three percent of white men voted for a man who has promised to put a ban on Muslims, make stop and frisk legal nationwide and deport 11 million undocumented people regardless of situation.

Latino exit poll numbers favor Clinton, but Trump still survived despite the speculation that the minority turnout would be his final nail in the coffin.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard for minorities to realize that the only way we will be heard is by participating. Talking with your neighbors, tweeting and posting on Facebook do not count. You have to make your way to the polls and vote.

Also, just over 46 percent of the voting population couldn’t even bother themselves to vote. Half of our country let the other half decide. You truly reap what you sow.

Change in sight

I grew up with a father who illegally crossed the border and have seen first hand what a good and hardworking man can do, if given the opportunity. I have worked alongside Iraqi interpreters during my time in the military and have personally seen people of the Muslim faith risk their lives, and their family’s, just to help us on missions.

I am half Mexican and half Puerto Rican and have experienced racism on a personal level from police, friends and strangers.

This is why I can’t wait and see: Trump has threatened a lot of the ideals that I hold dear, and I refuse to give him my respect and confidence because he is president. By the grace of God and my constitution, I will do whatever I please.

We really can’t just wash away everything from the last 18 months, can we? Sure, he will be in a position of power that calls for patience, grace and poise, but that does not change who he is behind the politician he has formed himself into.

Trump’s success in the White House is not hindered on my support or of those disappointed in the election results. I honestly pray that he finds a way to be a president for everyone, and hope Trump isn’t too influenced by those who promised they could get him the presidency like Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie.

People are right — we must come together and accept the results. I have accepted it and I will come together to make positive changes.

I won’t, however, give president-elect Trump a chance to disappoint me by thinking that more power will make him humble or a changed man.

Opinion editor Frank Campos is a media production senior and can be reached at [email protected]

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