• I guess my advice to Timor didn’t take.

    Yes, when delusional CNN is running stories about a dream scenario about Trump being assassinated and Obama appointing a successor, it is safe to say that poor Timor is in the same delusional state.

    Timor’s World is falling apart … it’s like 2012 (the movie) x 12.

    Yep, Timor has always been used to getting what he wants. And now that an Adult shows up in the White House and says “NO!” Timor has been having all these fits. He’s like a little kid that didn’t get the candy bar he wanted.

    Albert Einstein is basically credited with the phrase “The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    Hence we get Timor’s effort every time trying to portray Trump as this or that, and whether the mind numbed Hillary or Bernie supporter buys it … who knows.

    Virtually everyone in liberal media is off their rockers in predictions about Trump. From day one they thought that Trump would be a goner, and now he is within 24 hours of Inauguration. And poor Timor is with that group.

    Some advise Timor … not that you’re gonna take it. Just deal with it. Every adult faces adversity in their life … and guess what … they deal with it. Open your mind, give Trump a chance.

    You think your scoring points with your work Timor. Nope. Your digging your hole deeper.

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