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Focus Friday – Trump Inauguration

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Lack of centralization, lack of coordination, miscommunication and lack of forethought/preparation characterized the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. In stunning fashion, Donald Trump will be the person inaugurated on Friday, January 20th.

The people, divided into supporters of Trump and people who do not support Trump, should expect largely the same. The people should not expect many surprises or platform changes. Trump will continue to spout economic nationalism, more socially conservative policies, etc.

However, people should expect to Trump to take a different tone. Likely Trump will not openly criticize anyone in his speech. Trump will also likely keep his speech more idealistic to empower his supporters and widen his mandate.

Other than that, Donald Trump’s campaign messages should largely shine through to his inauguration speech but in a more tempered, calm, tone, similar to his victory speech.

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According to the @RealDonaldTrump twitter, he wrote the inaugural speech himself three weeks ago. I expect that this speech will focus on “making america great again.” He’ll do this by talking about his plans to secure the economy, to better national security and replace the Affordable Care Act.

I also expect that he will take the time to give best wishes to his “many enemies and those who fought him and lost so badly.” Outside of Trump’s address to the nation, at least 64 democratic representatives will boycott the speech in solidarity with Representative John Lewis due to the recent twitter spar between him and the President-Elect.

Nationwide, citizens will be turning off their televisions to protest this speech. However, I urge everyone to listen, so you can plan and prioritize the goals that should be achieved in the next four years. This is the first step in holding your elected officials accountable.

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Donald Trump is going to get up on the podium and be himself. Meanwhile, everyone who supported him is going to be attentively listening and everyone who did not support him is going to turn their TV to the food channel or someplace else in an effort to make some sort of statement through TV ratings that is beyond my comprehension.

He will talk about all of the usual things, no doubt. But it is my hope that he beats all odds and can say something that can set us down the path to understanding those who we are different from. And better yet, I hope he can act to help us down that path as well as use words. But it’s most certainly a reach.

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With the Inaugural Speech just a day away, nothing concrete can be expected from Donald Trump’s speech. The direction and intention of Trump’s presidency appears unclear, as his stances have not been clearly defined. His stances on healthcare, the economy, foreign policy, and education have been all over the political spectrum.

Trump’s words have caused much divide between the American people as his stances have been ambiguous yet polarizing. You can expect Trump to repeat phatic catchphrases, like most politicians, as he praises his own victory and the victories of the Republican Party. We can expect some sort of attempt to bring the nation together and reassure the people of Trump’s goals.

There will certainly be some sort of protest towards his speech as many people, including some of his Democratic counterparts, believe his president to be illegitimate. We can expect this speech to be the same as his presidency: controversial, mediocre and somewhat comical.

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Per usual with Trump, anything can happen (and probably will). While I expect a more refined and dignified Trump, there is the possibility that he breaks into the monotone yelling that characterized his RNC acceptance speech.

I expect “Make America Great Again” to be used multiple times, with an intent focus on jobs and national security. He’ll also try to heal a divided nation, but there’s no real telling how that will go since Trump is seen as divisive. Overall, it will be interesting. [/tab][/tabgroup]

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  • Camy … “Lack of centralization, lack of coordination, miscommunication and lack of forethought/preparation characterized the presidential campaign” of HIllary Clinton.

    You guys are as corrupt as the Detroit Public Schools. You all make lousy leaders, and if I see any of your CV’s, they are going in the trash. Plus I’m putting the black ball on all your names with my contacts for when you graduate. With Obama gone, the only World Leader you can look up to are Raul Castro and Kim Jong Un.

    Your pessimism … which mirrors that of Former-Regime Leader Obama, is palpable. Obama may have been the first President you were aware of, but you have to face the fact … he was a terrible President.

    You’ve all been brainwashed to hate America, and its gotta stop. Stop trying to rule everyone’s life and let them work for their own self-interest. You do the same, and you won’t be a sad nutcase social justice warrior.


    • Yes! It is clear because they don’t support an incoherent moron, they all support dictatorial communism. It is also clear that because they are critical of this incoherent moron (Trump, in case you haven’t caught on) that they all have been brainwashed to hate America. Trump himself says that the world is “on fire” so I don’t understand how they are being pessimistic. Your comments on every post are annoying and propagandistic. You speak like you have some kind of authority and you don’t. Be respectful of their work and go brush up on reality.

      • RSS.

        If you find my comments annoying … don’t read them.

        I do not have a Right to be Read or Heard. And neither do you.

        But I guarantee that I will be read more than you. You RRS, are an angry person, waiting to be offended at a moments notice.

        How you can stand to see your sorry self in the mirror on a daily basis, I do not know. You’re not funny, because one can see the dripping drool of your vitriol in everything you write. To actually see you would be too much.

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