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Motorcycle accident on Cullen leaves at least one injured

A motorcycle collided with a truck at the intersection of Cullen Blvd. and Cougar Place, leaving at least one of the drivers injured. | Emily Burleson/The Cougar

A motorcycle accident around 9:50 p.m. Sunday at Cullen Boulevard and Cougar Place blocked parts of the intersection for nearly an hour, and at least one person was injured.

According to a witness, a motorcycle was speeding north on Cullen Boulevard when it collided with a truck turning left from Cullen onto Cougar Place. The truck sustained a large dent while the motorcycle and its driver went airborne, according to the witness.

The witness, Cougar Place residence hall resident Brody Jones, had just crossed Cullen when the accident happened.

“And then he came flying (down Cullen Boulevard) and I heard him collide,” said Jones, an industrial design sophomore. “The truck was coming around. He hit the back of it and flew and skidded to over there. It happened right here on the intersection. It was not a pretty sight.”

Jones estimated that the motorcycle driver flew between 10 and 20 feet before hitting the ground.

Another witness, petroleum engineering sophomore Peter Bristow, said he heard the accident from his room at Cougar Place.

“We heard a motorcycle coming down Cullen Boulevard really, really fast,” Bristow said. “An immediate stop, and you just heard a thud, like the engine blew. Then, he flew over there, and the bike flew right there.”

It’s unclear whether the truck’s driver was injured. The motorcycle driver was placed on a stretcher before being removed by an ambulance.

“It looks like he got banged up pretty bad,” Bristow said. “But at least he was wearing a helmet, which is a good thing.”

UHPD has not responded to a request for comment on the drivers’ injuries.

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