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Quadrangle to close after Fall 2017

In a Friday news release announcing the opening of housing applications for the 2017-2018 school year, Student Housing and Residential Life also announced the planned demolition of the residence halls that make up UH’s Quadrangle.

The demolition of the Quads is scheduled for January 2018.

“Current residents and new students have been invited to live in the Quadrangle fall semester knowing that that the Student Housing Service Agreement for the Quadrangle is for fall only,” said Don Yackley, executive director of Student Housing and Residential Life.

Yackley said that residents of the Quads will have access to the fall room-change process before it opens to other residential students.

Fall 2017 residents will also be able to apply for Spring 2018 housing before other students living on-campus.

“This will permit us to place those Quad residents who want to continue living on campus in the spring by placing them into spaces which will be vacated by December graduates and other students who leave at the conclusion of the fall semester,” Yackley said.

Yackley said other on-campus residences have space to pick up the slack from the nearly 800 beds missing while the Quads are rebuilt. When the new complex is complete, it will have added an additional 200 beds.

“Between UH-managed housing, Partner Housing, and Fall to Spring attrition, we anticipate being able to house residents of the Quadrangle who want to live on campus in Spring 2018,” Yackley said.

The housing complex that will replace the Quads will include lounges, study rooms, computer labs, fitness rooms, free laundry, wi-fi and included utilities.

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